Smartwatch detects heart problems: digital wristwatches can protect against heart attacks

Smartwatch detects heart problems: digital wristwatches can protect against heart attacks

Conventional wristwatches are worn with pleasure. Smartwatches have not yet outstripped their predecessors. However, the digital models have some additional functions – which can detect heart problems early on.

Some models can be used to obtain an ECG, for example. A smartwatch can therefore be able to measure the electrical activity of the heart. Cardiac arrhythmias can also be detected by some variants. Now researchers have even reported a special model that is supposed to make heart blood flow disturbances visible. Many smartwatch models were analyzed by stiftung warentest in 2019 – you can find the results here.

Knife attack at job center was announced on twitter

Knife attack at job center was announced on twitter

Bloody deed with announcement: the knife attack in the job center in rottweil had been announced by the suspected perpetrator on the internet. "I will kill a person of the job center tomorrow," the 58-year-old had spread in the short message service twitter.

This was said by the spokesman of the rottweiler prosecutor’s office, frank grundke, on friday. According to the investigation, the suspect had seriously injured a 50-year-old female employee with a knife during an appointment in an office on the seventh floor on thursday.

Accusations against the frankenwald clinic

accusations against the frankenwald clinic

"The frankenwaldklinik needs peace and quiet", uwe fleischmann, chairman of the district doctors’ association, said on friday when it became known that rhon klinik ag was also selling the frankenwaldklinik to fresenius helios.

And yet the clinic can’t get out of the headlines. A letter from an anonymous sender is currently being circulated among the doctors in private practice, in which serious accusations are being made against the administration of the frankenwaldklinik – especially in connection with the departure of the head gastroenterologist rolf seipel.

From the back of the pack – zverev makes it to the final in a duel between buddies?

From the back of the pack - zverev makes it to the final in a duel between buddies?

The day before his most important grand slam appearance to date, alexander zverev shut himself away. No hullabaloo at practice should distract him from his lofty goal of becoming the first german to reach a grand slam final at the australian open since rainer schuttler in 2003.

The semi-final debutant joined dylan alcott and heath davidson, the australian doubles winners in wheelchair tennis, for a photo. Otherwise, however, zverev was preparing for his final chance against his austrian buddy dominic thiem on friday (9 a.M.) in his training session, to the exclusion of reporters and fans.30 a.M. CET/eurosport), according to the organizers.

Speed beats mindlessness

speed beats mindlessness

How was it once with telecommunications, when there were still dial telephones, telegrams and telephone booths? Whether at that time also so much was communicated as today? Facebook and whatsapp groups offer the possibility to send all kinds of funny and trivial things to the circle of acquaintances in addition to sharing facts. We wanted to know: is this a curse or a blessing?? Do these groups rather offer benefits and bring joy or do they bring annoyance through superficiality??

"I see the advantages and disadvantages", says police officer holger reinlein, who is also a member of the staffelstein fire department. "I use whatsapp groups in my club and family as well as with work colleagues." this was a good and easy way to exchange information quickly and at short notice. "But there's also a lot of unnecessary stuff being sent out", he adds. "When the cell phone doesn't stand still at all, it sometimes gets on my nerves, too."

It is important to challenge young talent

The carnival club grobenbrach e.V. Has a new board. At the annual general meeting were held new elections, which went quickly and without problems uber die stage. Christoph aberer was elected as the new chairman by the 28 voters present. He follows andreas bocklet. The deputy chairwoman, anja buschbacher, was confirmed in her office.
"I am glad that it continues with the association. On the other hand, i also look back with a sad eye at the fact that the old board of directors has resigned. She has always fulfilled her tasks very well and brought the club forward" declared anja buschbacher.
Andreas bocklet, the former chairman of the board, thanked the board for the great support he received during his term of office. "I am pleased that christoph aberer has agreed to carry on the jester's cap of the association." he said, causing many smiles at the meeting.

Schoolchildren in untermerzbach have the most female teeth

Of the 48 elementary school students, every child visited the dentist at least once a year, giving the school a rate of 121 percent. A maximum of 200 percent would have been possible if each child had visited the dentist every six months, which is what the dentists recommend.

Kirchlauter elementary school came in second (85 percent), rauhenebrach third (50 percent). Figures of 25 percent give the initiators pause for thought, because this means that only one in four primary school children is actually on the path to practical training.