Accusations against the frankenwald clinic

accusations against the frankenwald clinic

"The frankenwaldklinik needs peace and quiet", uwe fleischmann, chairman of the district doctors’ association, said on friday when it became known that rhon klinik ag was also selling the frankenwaldklinik to fresenius helios.

And yet the clinic can’t get out of the headlines. A letter from an anonymous sender is currently being circulated among the doctors in private practice, in which serious accusations are being made against the administration of the frankenwaldklinik – especially in connection with the departure of the head gastroenterologist rolf seipel.

“It’s a good place to live”

15 years ago, for the 25th time. "Birthday", there was no talk, but a tangible action: somewhere in the dark tann near schlimpfhof, a district of oberthulba, an imposing memorial stone was set – exactly at the geographic center of the district of bad kissingen.

District councilor josef rommelt (CSU), who was head of the surveying office at the time, had himself calculated the exact location. By the way, the idea came from the then government director werner eberth. Ex-county administrator herbert neder (CSU) remembers: when the then mayor of oberthulba, gerhard adam (CSU), began his speech, the sky opened its sluices. When gerhard adam closed, the rain promptly piled up again.

Here’s how you can make your own sauerkraut

People are longing again for more local and genuine products. Sauerkraut is the healthiest side dish in the kitchen. This winter meal has contributed to the fact that people used to get through the cold season well. This is mainly due to the high content of vitamins, minerals and proteins. But sauerkraut has many other health benefits due to its cooking with the help of lactic acid bacteria, which are being appreciated again today.

To make sauerkraut, cut the head of cabbage into thin strips and place them in an earthenware pot. In the case of coarse amounts, cutting is done with a weed slicer.

Csu has a tough choice

Csu has a tough choice

The new state parliament will be elected in a year's time. Potential candidates have long since positioned themselves. The union has not yet decided who will succeed robert kiesel.
Until mid-june, the union's world was in order: dorothee bar was to be elected to the bundestag, and kiesel was to be elected to the state parliament. Then kiesel had to pull out for health reasons, and the candidate merry-go-round picked up speed rapidly.
Many names were initially mentioned, but four are still being discussed: brigitte meyerdierks, mayor of bad bruckenau, sandro kirchner, emil muller (both of burkardroth) and martin wende (hammelburg), chairman of the JU district.
Brigitte meyerdierks (58) speaks for her experience in local politics. She is also well networked as a member of the CSU district executive committee. However, she only took up the office of mayor two years ago. It was probably not well received, she now said goodbye in the direction of state politics.
Sandro kirchner (37) is considered the favorite of robert kiesel. The engineer has played an active role in party and local politics (local chairman, 2. Mayor) has already held important offices. He is considered down-to-earth, but dances at several weddings.
Emil muller (55) is an experienced political professional (among other things, vice district administrator). The fact that he was voted out of office as mayor of burkardroth for many years is not necessarily to his disadvantage.

100 delegates decide

Drosten and colleagues warn against concept of herd immunity

Drosten and colleagues warn against concept of herd immunity

Berlin virologist christian drosten and other colleagues oppose a corona strategy with herd immunity as a goal.

"We are concerned to note the renewed strength of voices advocating the natural infection of large sections of the population with the aim of herd immunity as a strategy for combating the pandemic," states a statement from the erlangen-based society for virology (gfv), in which drosten was also involved. Herd immunity means that a large part of the population has become immune after an infection or vaccination, and the virus can therefore no longer spread so easily.

New flu: hysteria is out of place

new flu: hysteria is out of place

It is a disease that three years ago was still causing panic in many people and almost created a state of emergency in the district of kulmbach: swine flu, which is now only called the new flu. In september 2009, for example, when the H1N1 virus was confirmed in a secondary school student after a trip to england, the whole class was given two weeks off school. Also the fellow students were considered infected at that time.

Girl had to go to hospital

Reiner calmund: reduce “insanity holders”

Reiner calmund: reduce

"Should the infection rate increase, the situation will have to be reconsidered and, if necessary, stopped," said the former manager of current cup finalist bayer 04 leverkusen in an interview with the "suddeutsche zeitung" newspaper. "I"m 71 and a risk taker. Health is the most important thing. If i was going to choose fubball over health, they would have to put me in a mental institution right away," said calmund.

The former manager heavyweight, who lost 50 kilograms after a gastric bypass operation in january, praised the german soccer league (DFL) for its hygiene concept around the ghost games. "It has to be said that the bundesliga follows a perfect and strict health concept," said calmund. Some clubs would otherwise have had "serious economic problems". "Without ghost games the league was missing 750 million euro because of tv and spectators. Only 130 million in spectator revenue is missing, which is only the fourth most important source of income after television money, sponsoring and transfers, despite the record international attendance," calmund calculated.