Here you can get help with educational issues

Here you can get help with educational issues

Some things are different in coburg. For example, the education and participation package. Initiated by the federal government years ago, the job centers in many municipalities are responsible for processing applications and issuing notices. In coburg, susanne holzmann and andrea hofer from the city's education office have been taking care of the processing since april 2011. This is what the city council decided.

The two employees advise and remind those affected when new applications have to be made, and are contact persons for all those who want to use the education and participation package. This was based on an agreement with the jobcenter that expired at the end of the year and had to be renewed. The culture and school senate decided to extend the agreement indefinitely.

Schoolchildren in untermerzbach have the most female teeth

Of the 48 elementary school students, every child visited the dentist at least once a year, giving the school a rate of 121 percent. A maximum of 200 percent would have been possible if each child had visited the dentist every six months, which is what the dentists recommend.

Kirchlauter elementary school came in second (85 percent), rauhenebrach third (50 percent). Figures of 25 percent give the initiators pause for thought, because this means that only one in four primary school children is actually on the path to practical training.

The city writes culture roughly

The annual reports of the city's institutions at the meeting of the herzogenaurach cultural committee once again proved that herzogenaurach has a great deal to offer in the way of culture. There were few questions and no criticism of the reports from the culture department, the adult education center, the city library, the city museum, the generation center and the kathe zang music school. Instead, there was a great deal of praise and recognition for the individual institutions, on the one hand for the activities and programs they had carried out, and on the other hand for the very detailed and detailed reports.

Culture department

The annual report for the culture department was presented by helmut biehler, and he was able to report on well-attended events throughout. The expenditures remained below the budget estimate, although the costs for the security concept for the major events such as the old town and medieval festivals as well as the summer church fair had to be paid for. "Increased security measures will continue to be implemented in the coming years and will have a significant impact on budgets and spending", biehler explained.
He went on to explain that not only the main events were very well attended, but also the individual events held as part of the cultural days on the theme of "schrag/strich" … ". This was the last cultural days in the old form, already in february the ticket sales for the highlights of this year's cultural festival "hin&" will start herzo" begin. Biehler reminded the audience that the theme of the festival was "revolution" will also be an annual topic. "There is still a lot of work to be done before the summer, especially in terms of organization. ,to& herzo' is a new and also rough house number for herzogenaurach in this respect," explained, said biehler.

Some things still need to be rounded off in mabbach

Mabbach’s mayor matthias klement looked back on the projects of 2018 in the last meeting of the year. The biggest tree removals were the development of the centleite building area in mabbach and the renovation of ludwigstrabe with the completion of the village square in the district of poppenlauer. A rough project is also the securing of the park settlement in mabbach, since the strabe is breaking and threatened to slide off.

Klement thanked the members of the market town council for their constructive cooperation in 2018: "we have a cooperative relationship with each other." that is decisive for a successful municipal policy.

Manfred franze traces the path of national socialism in the region

Manfred franze traces the path of national socialism in the region

At the kirchehrenbach cultural weeks, manfred franze takes his audience on a journey into the national socialist past of forchheim and french-speaking switzerland.

After musical and artistic performances, the kirchehrenbacher kunst- und kulturverein dedicates itself to a topic that still shocks after more than 80 years: national socialism and how it took hold in the immediate homeland.

21-Year-old receives permanent arrest

A veritable "stoner den" police officers searched a house in a steigerwald town on 30. August 2016: marijuana and hashish were openly accessible in several places in the apartment. In a shoe box, the officers also found a knife and a brass knuckle. The apartment was occupied by a 21-year-old unemployed man who was arrested on monday for possession of "not a small amount" of narcotics had to answer to the court of juvenile delinquency. It sentenced him to three weeks' permanent detention in accordance with juvenile criminal law.

The defendant stated in court that of the narcotics found, only around 47 grams of hashish, 14 grams of marijuana and three grams of cannabis powder belonged to him. The rest belongs to a buddy who has already been sentenced by the district court.