Maria-ward-school plants new “school girl

Maria-ward-school plants new 'school girl

For a few days now, the school tree of the maria ward school, also known as “mary ward”s greenspire,” has been adorned called the northern promenade in bamberg.

The maria-ward school received this very special award for its participation in the "fubganger competition", a competition organized in the framework of the european mobilitatswoche (16. Until 22. September 2019) organized sustainability campaign by the city of bamberg. In addition to 14 classes from the maria-ward-realschule, 15 classes from the maria-ward-gymnasium and some of the school"s employees also took part.

For a total of 15,155.4 kilometers covered by the schoolchildren, the city of bamberg rewarded the hard-working walkers with a lasting prize: a lime tree bearing a donation plate from the school.

Now christian lange, second mayor of the city of bamberg, officially handed over the sponsorship certificate for the tree. The event was attended by the school administrators, the coordinator of the competition elke burklen and the class representatives of the two winning classes magdalena ladehof (6bg) and hanna stocklein (6bg) as well as freyja arnarson (7ar) and samia lechner (7ar).

Everyone joined forces to plant the lime tree. In addition, one could learn a lot of interesting things about the tree species: robert neuberth, head of the garden and cemetery office, informed expertly about the particularity of the lime tree. The variety greenspire is therefore on the one hand an attractive tree with slender growth. On the other hand, it is a fast-growing lime tree that is tolerant of drought and heat, so that the maria-ward-school-tree should also be able to cope with summers that become hibernating.

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