Hardly any new asylum seekers: 39 arrivals in three weeks

Hardly any new asylum seekers: 39 arrivals in three weeks

Due to the travel restrictions and border controls introduced in europe in the wake of the corona crisis, hardly any asylum seekers are still coming to germany. In the first three weeks after the 16. March 39 foreigners applied for asylum at the german borders.

This emerges from preliminary figures of the federal police, which are available to the german press agency. Accordingly, 20 of these asylum seekers arrived by plane, the rest by land. Also the number of newcomers decreased continuously. Paid the federal police in the 3. While 32 entered the country in the first week of march, there were only four in the second week and three in the last week.

By way of comparison: in january, 937 asylum seekers were registered by the federal police during border controls and dragnets in the 30-kilometer area at the border. In february, 745 newly arrived asylum seekers were paid. The proportion of asylum seekers who had contact with the federal police directly at or near the border was also likely to have been higher in march than in previous months. Because before the beginning of the pandemic there had been stationary controls only at the german-austrian border.

For federal minister of the interior horst seehofer (CSU) had on 16. March temporarily ordered controls at the borders with austria, switzerland, france, luxembourg and denmark. Furthermore, due to the pandemic, travelers without a valid reason for travel are no longer allowed to enter germany. The desire to obtain asylum or refugee protection is recognized as a "valid reason for travel.

However, so many entry bans and exit restrictions have been imposed throughout the EU that hardly any asylum seekers still arrive at the german borders. Asylum seekers – just like all other arrivals – must be detained in corona-quarantane for two weeks after their arrival in germany as a precautionary measure.

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