Drug smuggling: death sentence for german in malaysia

Drug smuggling: death sentence for german in malaysia

A court in the state of selangor found the 40-year-old guilty of smuggling 1.5 kilograms of the synthetic drug methamphetamine into the southeast asian country in january 2011, according to media reports friday. The defendant was arrested at the airport in the capital city of kuala lumpur. He denies the crime.

The federal government wants to prevent the man from being executed. According to the foreign office in berlin, the german embassy in malaysia has already been involved in the case since the arrest of the bundesburger. "Germany is strongly opposed to the death penalty worldwide," said a ministry spokeswoman.

According to a report by the malaysian state news agency bernama, the 40-year-old testified at the trial that he had taken the bag in which the drugs were found to malaysia from syria on behalf of a friend. The bag had been intended for a friend there. Judge noor azian shaari, however, did not accept the statements of the defendant, who was born in togo, according to the newspaper "the star": it depends on in whose possession the drugs were.

In june, two german citizens were acquitted in a drug smuggling trial in malaysia. Her moroccan acquaintance, on the other hand, was sentenced to death. He was accused of bringing nearly seven kilos of methamphetamine into the country. The three men, aged 26 and 27, were arrested at kuala lumpur airport in early january.

They had traveled to malaysia from germany after a stop in turkey lasting several days. First, all three were accused of drug trafficking. However, the defense of the two germans could have raised "reasonable doubts," the judge said at the time. The two had testified that before entering malaysia, the moroccan had given them each a bag, the contents of which they did not know.

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