Volkach’s way of life inspires despite the rain

For anita and franz-josef glaser the tour through the way of life was a matter of course. "We come here every year, no matter what the weather is", says the humorous couple from neighboring nordheim. According to their own statements, they feel the pure joy of life in the streets of the old town. They love the live music of different bands and the varied wine offer. In her red winter jacket, anita glaser is beaming all over: "this is a super event and the people of volkach are coming up with something great", she swarmed from the event. "If something like this is in our area, then we simply have to support it."

Like many other party guests, the glasers used the mainschleifen shuttle to get to volkach in a relaxed manner. "When we have drunk a few schnapps, we don't need a car, we go home by bus", female franz-josef glaser to appreciate the advantages of the bus feeder. "The shuttle is not only for tourists, but also for the locals. Why risk your driving license?", his wife emphasizes and summarizes the advantages of the way of life: "there is something for every generation in the matter of music." tasting the wines and enjoying the culinary delicacies is something very special for the glasers, something that does not exist in the normal everyday life of the mainschleife. "Here some top vintners offer their wines and you have the chance to taste them in a wonderful ambience."

Temples and grilled cockroaches

From vietnam's capital hanoi, inge and manfred wagner (both 62) from holzhausen biked through laos, cambodia and thailand to finally fly back from yangon in myanmar. They drew a thoroughly positive conclusion from their trip: accommodation and food were extremely inexpensive, and they met helpful and hospitable people everywhere. Enthusiastically they report about grandiose temples and sanctuaries.
The region is almost ideal for individual travelers, only in terms of order and cleanliness one must sometimes make concessions. Anyone who is keen to experiment in the culinary field can gain a lot of new experiences, because they eat almost everything that flies and crawls. The exotic spectrum ranges from grasshoppers and tadpoles to frogs, crocodiles, birds, rats and giant cockroaches.

In tunnels from the vietnam war

In vietnam, the wagners climb into the original tunnels from the vietnam war that have been hewn into the rocky subsoil. Here, vietcong soldiers and many civilians braved massive american bombardment. In the old imperial city of hue, the devastation caused by the war is unpredictable. Nevertheless, the citadel with the forbidden purple city is absolutely worth seeing.
Modern electric scooters are popular with schoolchildren and young people. The people mostly exude good humor, serenity and cheerfulness. No matter if rice farmer, fruit seller, gauze collector, hotel employee or dog catcher – all seem to be very content with what they are doing: happiness, contentment and cordiality do not depend on wealth.
In laos, breakfast is no longer served with noodle soup as in vietnam, but with glutinous rice, which is formed into balls with the fingers and dipped into a fish sauce. The globetrotters are awakened every day at sunrise by monastery music and monastery prayers. Monks, including many children, go from house to house in the early morning to collect alms and food. Thanks they bless the believers.

Steinwiesen experiences a stable christmas

Steinwiesen experiences a stable christmas

Under the twinkling stars of the cold december night, the amateur drama group, under the direction of carmen wilde and klaus wunder, puts on a play that includes all the components of the biblical story, from the angel's announcement to maria to the flight to agyptus.

The members of the amateur dramatics group come from all denominations, generations and political parties. Here children, young people, men and women play together. Already at the rehearsals – most of which take place at the train station, where the amateur actors can get used to the temperature right away – you can see that everyone is really into it.

Acta agreement brings net community to barricades

acta agreement brings net community to barricades

But now the opponents are mobilizing for demonstrations on saturday. They see ACTA as a threat to internet freedom. Supporters say ACTA is important to curb copyright infringements.

This is how section 5 of the treaty deals with the "enforcement of intellectual property rights in the digital environment". Each signatory state must ensure effective law enforcement and deterrence in its own jurisdiction. Internet providers should print out data such as IP addresses, which can be used to identify people in the event of death. Copyright holders can then assert their claims legally. Measures are also to be taken against the circumvention of copy protection techniques.