Some things still need to be rounded off in mabbach

Mabbach’s mayor matthias klement looked back on the projects of 2018 in the last meeting of the year. The biggest tree removals were the development of the centleite building area in mabbach and the renovation of ludwigstrabe with the completion of the village square in the district of poppenlauer. A rough project is also the securing of the park settlement in mabbach, since the strabe is breaking and threatened to slide off.

Klement thanked the members of the market town council for their constructive cooperation in 2018: "we have a cooperative relationship with each other." that is decisive for a successful municipal policy.

Sustainable, super-court solution

The development of the centleite building site will initially cost the municipality 1.2 million euros, but most of this will be recouped through the development contributions. Surveying of the 23 new, attractive building plots is currently underway, so that the first can be sold in early 2019. "Unfortunately, the tree removal in the village square and the renovation of the ludwigstrabe in poppenlauer did not go as we had hoped", complained the mayor. A surveyor has determined that the road has significant deficiencies and that the paving must be removed. Intensive discussions had taken place with the construction company, the architect and the government of lower franconia as the provider of the subsidy. The goal, he said, was to come up with a solution that would be viable for all times and could be implemented by the courts. The village square was inaugurated with the day of the tree of the district bad kissingen. The county donated a ginkgo tree. The design of the village square with the renovation of the ludwigstrabe had led to a clear enhancement of this central area in the village center of poppenlauer.

The baths are up and running

The security of the parksiedlung in mabbach is being carried out in two stages. This year, for about 400.000 euros to renew the sewers and water pipes. Next year, the actual slope stabilization and road renewal will follow. The mayor did not forget the outdoor swimming pool of the municipality in his accountability report. The pool surround has been renewed, a sun terrace has been built at the pool, and barrier-free access has been installed. Karl schuller donated a slide for the baby pool. The number of visitors had been so large that it had been possible to finance the project with the income of 27,000 euros.000 euros to cover personnel costs completely for the first time. The forderverein also put in numerous hours of voluntary work and supported the pool with purchases.

The number of children at the municipally owned lauerland daycare center in poppenlauer is stable, the mayor is pleased to report. The after-school care center, which has again been enlarged by ten places, is also well received and is currently fully occupied. He praised the excellent work done there. The team around director heike neufang is always coming up with new ideas, for example with a village square sing-along. Wolfgang wittmann, the principal of mabbach middle school, retired after 30 years of service. He was succeeded by georg gobel, the previous deputy rector. In the elementary school poppenlauer, at least for one year, the children of the elementary school rothhausen joined in. The municipality has submitted requests for the digital classroom for the elementary school and for the middle school and has received the request notices shortly. A second open all-day class was approved for the middle school.

Praise for the seniors’ representative

Young people from volkershausen meet regularly in the youth room, which was renovated by the youth themselves. The youth of the district of poppenlauer were supported in the reconstruction of the burnt down container. "It’s great to see how committed the young people are here and how much they have done themselves. The result is something to be proud of", praised matthias klement. He also awarded the st.-georgsverein with winfried streit at the helm did not, which provided and collected money for the playground in poppenlauer. Streit takes his task as senior citizens’ representative very seriously, klement noted. He has also been very involved in the new senior citizens’ room in the old town hall of poppenlauer, which was inaugurated a few months ago.

Klement thanked the numerous associations that enrich the village community in many ways through festivals and events. The theater schloss mabbach – landesbuhne of lower franconia makes the community known far beyond the county borders and brings numerous guests to the town. For this reason, the municipality has supported the theater in the construction of the new costum workshop with 20.000 euros in support. He also did not forgive the theater group of the heimatsverein, which this year performed the play "der medicus aus dem orient" at the open-air stage in poppenlauer the guests enthusiastic.

Acquisitions for the fire department

Numerous purchases were again made for the fire departments in 2018. The mabbach fire department received an HLF 20 vehicle. The roof of the fire station in poppenlauer was renewed. The firefighters volunteered many hours, while the municipality covered the cost of materials. Klement thanked all those who volunteer with the fire brigade.

The mayor reminded that the nature park rhon gmbh wants to designate a mountain bike route, which also goes through the market mabbach. This has led to massive protests from hunters, hunting companions and forest owners. The final decision will be made by the municipal council in early 2019.

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