Falling down a slope: german woman dies while hiking in mallorca

Falling down a slope: german woman dies while hiking in mallorca


A german woman died while hiking in mallorca. The accident occurred friday afternoon on the hiking trail cami dels pintors between deiA and soller in the northwest of the spanish vacation island, according to media, including the "mallorca newspaper" and the "mallorca magazine, with reference to spokesmen of the regional rescue services reported.

The 45-year-old fell down a slope a good 15 meters deep, he said.

The rescuers informed by the husband had managed to rescue the woman alive. She succumbed to her injuries on arrival at the son espases hospital in the island's capital palma, according to the "mallorca zeitung". Where the victim came from in germany, whether it was a tourist or a woman living on the island, was not disclosed.

Not the first accident on the popular hiking route

it is not the first time that there is an accident on the very popular hiking route. Already several times hikers have fallen into the deep there according to reports of regional media. The path was not safe, wrote the "mallorca zeitung". In some places, a wrong step is enough to fall into the depths. Demands to secure the most dangerous places have so far remained in vain.

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