Bund naturschutz calls on all kulmbach residents: “become active!”

Bund naturschutz calls on all kulmbach residents: 'become active!'

They are committed to preserving nature and biodiversity, they organize training courses, children’s activities and camps, they save crocodiles, fight against flatworms, are committed to environmentally friendly energy and keep an eye on water and air limits. We are talking about the dedicated members of the bundes naturschutz.

From the back of the pack – zverev makes it to the final in a duel between buddies?

From the back of the pack - zverev makes it to the final in a duel between buddies?

The day before his most important grand slam appearance to date, alexander zverev shut himself away. No hullabaloo at practice should distract him from his lofty goal of becoming the first german to reach a grand slam final at the australian open since rainer schuttler in 2003.

The semi-final debutant joined dylan alcott and heath davidson, the australian doubles winners in wheelchair tennis, for a photo. Otherwise, however, zverev was preparing for his final chance against his austrian buddy dominic thiem on friday (9 a.M.) in his training session, to the exclusion of reporters and fans.30 a.M. CET/eurosport), according to the organizers.

Money for urgently needed renovation is lacking

The renovation of the bergstrabe with its numerous road and footpath damages and the preparation of a development plan for a residential area on the johannesberg were the focus of the youngest meeting of the municipal council. However, not much was decided. The only thing that seems clear is that, for financial reasons, the mountain road can only be renovated in stages at the most. Planner matthias kirchner from oerlenbach presented his plan for the renovation of the bergstrabe to a length of 330 meters. It has a connecting function to the town and is a link to the rannunger meadow, to the forest and to the fountains. A compromise must be found between good trafficability and high quality of stay and living.

Attack on hamburger residence of vice chancellor scholz

attack on hamburger residence of vice chancellor scholz

A group of masked men attacked the hamburger home of federal finance minister olaf scholz (SPD).

A group of at least ten people in the night first rounded a car tire in front of the apartment building in the district of altona and then threw with black paint filled marble glass against the wall of the house, the police says. The taters are aligned. The SPD politician himself wanted to fly to argentina for the G20 summit with chancellor angela merkel at the time and was not in the apartment. In his time of service in berlin, the former mayor of hamburg also uses another apartment in nearby potsdam.

The cleaners and the champions from ahorn

The cleaners and the champions from ahorn

For years they have been angry because a new airfield is going to be built. And now? Over and out. Instead, the company bosses who wanted it now have money left over for a globe that could act as a temporary venue for the landestheater, which is being renovated, and later as a cultural temple. "For two years olbern in the city therefore. Then the champions from ahorn come along and on top of that a left wing with a plan and off they go", angie states. Without a new airfield, there would be enough money now. So other entrepreneurs have joined the champion and also want to contribute to the globe – on loan. "Is schumacher in on it??", gabi wants to know. "He was able to contribute the boxes for the theater move", finds angie. Two green foresters who want to give away trees for the globe, instead of "verschuren" them, the cleaners attest to sustainable thinking. "And if the airport doesn’t come, the prince is happy too. Its castle remains standing. For that he could also donate trees."

Everything could be like that, if it weren’t for gabi’s worry about what will happen when her district administrator resigns and moves to the state parliament. Angie had only recently read on his facebook page how passionately the district administrator loves his work. "He just likes to move, gabi replies. "Is there also again a new woman?", angie wants to know, but immediately retracts the rude question. Nevertheless, she doesn’t let the district chief off scot-free. Last friday he railed against his party, the SPD, and reprimanded the chairman martin schulz for breaking his word.

Very dark ice, angie thinks, and recalls how the district administrator once changed his mind about the new traffic landing strip.

States at odds over distribution of vw billion

states at odds over distribution of vw billion

The federal states are at odds over the distribution of the billions in money the volkswagen group paid to lower saxony over the diesel scandal.

While the finance ministers of the states of hesse, schleswig-holstein and brandenburg are in favor of a nationwide distribution, lower saxony’s finance minister reinhold hilbers (CDU) rejects exactly that – and receives support from bavaria and hamburg.

The water dragon gives courage

The water dragon gives courage

"Dead said live longer" – "the FDP will also be needed in the future" – "2012 will bring the turnaround. At the moment, patrick doring probably hears such brave slogans everywhere from his party friends at the inaugural visits. Things were no different in coburg on saturday – at least not until arndt feustel stepped up to the speaker's podium in the congress center to deliver his opening remarks. Bad rodach, who is chairman of the coburg-land FDP district association, listed all the things he doesn't like in berlin, starting with the "unprecedented amigo spectacle in the federal presidential office" he ended with an appeal for the FDP ministers to "fly the FDP flag a little more" should show.
Patrick doring had to swallow at first. But the designated secretary general of the FDP countered with a thoroughly rousing speech. And at the end of his half-hour speech, arndt feustel was the first to applaud: "I am positively impressed by him!"
Both the stature and the voice of 38-year-old patrick doring are imposing. That helps to come out impressively. In addition, he repeatedly uses his hands to gesticulate vigorously. He speaks freely – but that shouldn't be too difficult, given that patrick doring is currently giving speeches like the one he gave in coburg.
The content of the speech is therefore quickly recounted: the secretary general designate described economic growth as the "key to success. It couldn't be that 50 new books on the subject of growth were published in germany last year "and all of them were critical of growth". The FDP is committed to being pro-growth. According to patrick doring, the other parties are often not only anti-growth, but even "anti-innovation. Example: berlin city hall: "a red-green coalition failed because of a few hundred meters of freeway." he accused the greens of often being "ideologically stubborn" to be.

For a new culture of politics

Council at a loss over lindelberg hall

The construction costs for the lindelberghalle are through the roof. "How to get out of the story?", asked mayor wolfgang rast (IU) and added: "there is no solution, but we give ourselves time to think about it." by halting construction, the municipality wanted to buy itself more time.

"The biggest mistake was that we approached the project too quickly," says rast, said rast looking back. But how could the costs get so out of hand? On 18. December 2018 construction costs were projected at 4.8 million euros. "We have halay tried to get the financing together", said mayor rast. The input tax could be deducted from the costs and the project would have been just about affordable. But half a year later the architects were talking about 5.8 million euro construction costs.