The cleaners and the champions from ahorn

The cleaners and the champions from ahorn

For years they have been angry because a new airfield is going to be built. And now? Over and out. Instead, the company bosses who wanted it now have money left over for a globe that could act as a temporary venue for the landestheater, which is being renovated, and later as a cultural temple. "For two years olbern in the city therefore. Then the champions from ahorn come along and on top of that a left wing with a plan and off they go", angie states. Without a new airfield, there would be enough money now. So other entrepreneurs have joined the champion and also want to contribute to the globe – on loan. "Is schumacher in on it??", gabi wants to know. "He was able to contribute the boxes for the theater move", finds angie. Two green foresters who want to give away trees for the globe, instead of "verschuren" them, the cleaners attest to sustainable thinking. "And if the airport doesn’t come, the prince is happy too. Its castle remains standing. For that he could also donate trees."

Everything could be like that, if it weren’t for gabi’s worry about what will happen when her district administrator resigns and moves to the state parliament. Angie had only recently read on his facebook page how passionately the district administrator loves his work. "He just likes to move, gabi replies. "Is there also again a new woman?", angie wants to know, but immediately retracts the rude question. Nevertheless, she doesn’t let the district chief off scot-free. Last friday he railed against his party, the SPD, and reprimanded the chairman martin schulz for breaking his word.

Very dark ice, angie thinks, and recalls how the district administrator once changed his mind about the new traffic landing strip.

Be that as it may, there is so much more to talk about. For example the "tram", angie and gabi had long since said goodbye, because "leibla" are totally out. In solidarity with the women, the two then take the side of the two mayors who, in their opinion, have been unfairly bullied in neustadt and coburg. This is not possible.

The beautiful new sauna in coburg, which "was closed again after only three days to save electricity" and the new hospital on the BGS land also keeps them busy. "What will become of the old hospital then??", considers gabi. The answer is clear: "this will be gray-red."

While the cleaning ladies deal with current issues, karl-heinz lipp looks back into history and slips into the role of karl marx, only to discover that he too already had green ideas. His wish for coburg is clear: "rename the empty hindenburgstrabe to karl-marx- or at least jenny-marx-strabe."

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