“It’s a good place to live”

15 years ago, for the 25th time. "Birthday", there was no talk, but a tangible action: somewhere in the dark tann near schlimpfhof, a district of oberthulba, an imposing memorial stone was set – exactly at the geographic center of the district of bad kissingen.

District councilor josef rommelt (CSU), who was head of the surveying office at the time, had himself calculated the exact location. By the way, the idea came from the then government director werner eberth. Ex-county administrator herbert neder (CSU) remembers: when the then mayor of oberthulba, gerhard adam (CSU), began his speech, the sky opened its sluices. When gerhard adam closed, the rain promptly piled up again.

This time, the district relied on the power of words and the symbolism of music. The speech at the festive meeting of the district council was given by gerhard eck (CSU), secretary of state for the interior. All district councillors and mayors who have been or are currently in office since the district reform were invited. More than 1000 years of experience in local politics had been gathered. The atmosphere was as good as at a reunion of comrades.

Gerhard eck was enthusiastic about the sense of community and gave a laudatory speech on the district of bad kissingen. It had grown together into a successful and self-confident unit. He called the 1972 reorganization a "tremendous reform" and a "success story. Modern administrative resources and qualified personnel are available in hours. This also meant that local self-government could be strengthened in the long term. Gerhard eck: "the district of bad kissingen is in a brilliant position and meets the increased requirements comprehensively because everyone has pulled together."

He emphasized that since 1972 the entire district has been challenged and developed in a balanced way. It has become an efficient and modern economic and living area, and is an eldorado for health holidays. This means that the district is only at the beginning, as prevention is still gaining in importance. Gerhard eck summed up: "it"s a good place to live."

Many tasks still await

District administrator thomas bold (CSU) looked "back in gratitude". A sense of "we" has developed in the burghers over the past 40 years. People identified with "their" community county. Thomas bold outlined the most important developments since 1972. The enormously increased requirements could not have been met without the reform at that time. The district office has been transformed from a licensing authority into a modern service provider.

The governor also mentioned some tasks for the future. Further courses of study are to be offered, and a technical or vocational high school remains the goal. It is important to settle the core zone issue in the biosphere reserve as soon as possible. After all, outpatient medical care must be further developed, said thomas bold.

The musical framework was provided by members of the district council. The "county combo – brigitte ascherl, wolfgang back (both vocals), bernd hammer (piano, all CSU) and wolfgang gorner (contrabass, SPD) – received very sympathetic applause. It is unclear, however, why wolfgang back "spontaneously" of all things, the song of the soldier on the beach of wolgas was belted out. >

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