Council at a loss over lindelberg hall

The construction costs for the lindelberghalle are through the roof. "How to get out of the story?", asked mayor wolfgang rast (IU) and added: "there is no solution, but we give ourselves time to think about it." by halting construction, the municipality wanted to buy itself more time.

"The biggest mistake was that we approached the project too quickly," says rast, said rast looking back. But how could the costs get so out of hand? On 18. December 2018 construction costs were projected at 4.8 million euros. "We have halay tried to get the financing together", said mayor rast. The input tax could be deducted from the costs and the project would have been just about affordable. But half a year later the architects were talking about 5.8 million euro construction costs.

"Within half a year it has become one million euros more expensive", explained rast, whose first thoughts were that the municipality was overdoing it, that it would ruin the budget.

In a closed-door meeting, the municipal council dealt in detail with the subject of the renovation of the lindelberghalle, and the architects were also present. The result: drastic savings of over one million euros, which is unrealistic, or the sale of the building.

"I have already approached people, but that will also be difficult", said rast, who therefore has little hope of selling the building. The municipality is left with the hall and the costs.

Reason for the high cost

First, however, the igensdorf mayor named the reasons that led to the high costs in the first place. The cost increases are based on three items. On the one hand, there are the resolutions of the municipal councils, which had decided on some additional work concerning the interior of the hall. The heating, the staggered stage to take the hall character from the building, paid rast some examples on. From the initial cost estimate of 2.7 million euros for the 2017 renovation, the figure had already reached 3.5 million euros. The additional decisions made 812000 euro.

The next third of the increased construction costs goes to the account of the fees. "With each additional construction work, the fees increase", explained rast.

That leaves the third item: the construction cost increases, the increased bids, which were a good 20 percent more expensive than estimated. "We are taking time out until the end of the year to find solutions," explained rast, suggested rast. The orders placed for works were to be executed, and the building would then be winterized and ready for use. The demand funds were safe and could be put on the heating system instead of the heating system. Half of the money has already been paid out.

An intensive session of the lindelberghalle suggested barbara poneleit (grune). What do we need more time for, scolded edmund ulm (CSU). He demanded a cost breakdown by the architects of what had already been completed and what the minimum costs would still be to open the hall.

"The planners have already been given the task of looking for savings and providing a cost breakdown. This will then be our material to deal with in the exam.", explained the head of the municipality.

Robert hempfling (CSU) offered to talk to michael hofmann (CSU), member of the state parliament forchheim, in order to look for further possibilities for using the hall.

Edeltraud rosner (CSU) reminded the audience that the hall should be an extended burghers' house. Mayor rast gave little hope for further demands. He has already spoken to numerous grantors. The hall is probably not the right building to be demanded.

Still, stefan gebhardt saw no point in the decision not to award any more tenders. The mayor of igensdorf, however, wanted to signal unity with the resolution. "Thinking and looking for solutions are the most important things, and we have been doing that for a long time", rosner said.

A combination – the construction stop not until the end of the year, but until the intensive meeting on the lindelberghalle – was then suggested by werner hammerand (IU). "There is a lack of nursery places. That could be offered in the basement of the lindelberghalle. We had the room. Parking spaces and a playground are available, and we did not have to buy a site for a daycare center. And we had a use for it", suggested gebhardt. A wedding room brought hempfling into the discussion as a suggestion.

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