Further good advice for homeowners in nordhalben

Further good advice for homeowners in nordhalben

Urban redevelopment management was the topic of discussion in the nordhalben market town council. It was unanimously decided to suspend the consultation process for the linb& pecher for vacant properties to expand, since due to the good response of the house owners the work alone in the administration of the city hall is not to be carried out.

Due to the expansion of the demand initiative and the considerable increases in northern halben, the office is now called upon to assist homeowners in determining what they can make of the property.

A "good grip"

all representatives of the parliamentary groups, bernd daum (), manfred kostner (CSU) and rudolf ruf (CSU) agreed that linb& pecher did a very good job. For bernd daum () the people work with a lot of heart blood for nordhalben. Rudolf ruf (CSU), however, demanded activity reports, approximately every quarter. Here horst wolf could gen. Schmidt () report that in the specially for nordhalben created steering group regularly kept in touch with the office and also the minutes are viewed.

Mayor michael pohnlein () reported on the excursion to the first biodiversity community tannesberg and the opportunities that could also arise for nordhalben. One wants to take part now in the application procedure of the bavarian ministry of the environment. A questionnaire has to be answered and the theme of nature and "protection through use" has to be addressed is then written very roughly. One could score points here in nordhalben with nature and the forest, because after the forest area 2017 and the national park discussion this would be a chance for nordhalben.

For rudolf ruf (CSU) this would be an additional chance for the community and bernd daum () emphasized that we can set the course for the future of nordhalben, even if it is a long way. Manfred kostner (CSU) said that the rough capital nature must come out clearly and one could possibly also use the good cooperation with the forestry authority. The decision to apply was taken unanimously.

Green light for daum acquisition

Administrative expert sven schuster informed about the status of the northeast bavaria initiative. On tuesday an e-mail from the government gave the green light for the acquisition of the former cafe daum, lobensteiner str. 2 + 4, given and the premature start of the acceptance was approved. In this context, horst wolf went gen. Schmidt () on the day of the city building demand on 5. May. The three mayors from wallenfels, steinwiesen and nordhalben had shown here that there are definitely projects in the respective municipalities that are worth seeing. "A lot of attractive things were shown, we should repeat this in two years", said wolf.

The chairman of the audit committee, michael franz (SPD), presented the annual accounts for 2016, which were closed with an administrative budget of 3713 114.66 euros and a property budget of 1 896 274.90 euros, i.E. A total of 5 609 389.56 euros. It was possible to allocate reserves in the amount of 917,857 euros. The annual accounts were approved and the discharge was given unanimously.

Best of the year

Mayor Michael Pohnlein was pleased to be able to congratulate markus kubrich, a young man who graduated at the top of his class and one of the best in upper franconia. With a grade point average of 1.4, the young man can be really proud of his achievements after his three-and-a-half-year apprenticeship as a tool mechanic, specializing in mold making, at the company PI petz industries hablach/teuschnitz.

Michael pohnlein () informed that the repair of the ladies shower in the swimming pool will be done. Are also responsible for the "nordhalben village" the contracts for the wooden and plastic windows, the roofing work and the work for the clay tile roof as well as the eaves plastering in the back part are awarded to different companies.

The building application of the district of kronach for an extension to the existing recycling storage hall at the recycling center in nordhalben was unanimously approved. Horst wolf gen. Schmidt () asked if it would be possible to tar a part of the access road again this year and thanked for the good cooperation with the district office of kronach

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