Volkach’s way of life inspires despite the rain

For anita and franz-josef glaser the tour through the way of life was a matter of course. "We come here every year, no matter what the weather is", says the humorous couple from neighboring nordheim. According to their own statements, they feel the pure joy of life in the streets of the old town. They love the live music of different bands and the varied wine offer. In her red winter jacket, anita glaser is beaming all over: "this is a super event and the people of volkach are coming up with something great", she swarmed from the event. "If something like this is in our area, then we simply have to support it."

Like many other party guests, the glasers used the mainschleifen shuttle to get to volkach in a relaxed manner. "When we have drunk a few schnapps, we don't need a car, we go home by bus", female franz-josef glaser to appreciate the advantages of the bus feeder. "The shuttle is not only for tourists, but also for the locals. Why risk your driving license?", his wife emphasizes and summarizes the advantages of the way of life: "there is something for every generation in the matter of music." tasting the wines and enjoying the culinary delicacies is something very special for the glasers, something that does not exist in the normal everyday life of the mainschleife. "Here some top vintners offer their wines and you have the chance to taste them in a wonderful ambience."

While anita and franz-josef glaser are dancing to a rocking song by led zeppelin at the max muller winery and enjoying the good mood, margit kirch and her husband reinhard are strolling through the weinstrabe. Walking from vintner to vintner and making a fubmarsch through the wine variety of volkach are a welcome change for the vintner couple from fahr. The bad weather did not prevent them from visiting the way of life. They did not regret coming. "I love pop, beat and schlager, says margit kirch. She appreciates the variety of music that is sometimes served in the individual winzerhofen without verstarker.

Meeting many people you know
Her husband reinhard is looking forward to meeting many people he knows as he strolls through the music district. "There are people there that I haven't seen for ages." while his wife prefers the musical performances, for him the unique wine tasting is in the foreground. "Here you can get muller, silvaner, kerner, everything you can find in franconia." at the end of an exuberant tour, the kirchs are picked up by their son.

Reinhard kirch is already looking forward to the next way of life and then hopes for summer temperatures. This is also what marco maiberger wishes for. The head of tourism had to work hard over the weekend because of the floods and had to cancel the summer market. Despite the bad weather, he was pleased with the response at the event. "It was a very difficult way of life, but we pulled through."

The glasers from nordheim also held their night out in high spirits. "We don't really go on vacation at this time of year, because it's nicest here in mainfranken", anita glaser swarming home from her hometown. This time it was a bit uncomfortable, but the glasers enjoyed the italian flair at the last lebensart events in the old town alleys – one more reason to take a vacation at home and let your soul dangle a bit.

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