Bund naturschutz calls on all kulmbach residents: “become active!”

Bund naturschutz calls on all kulmbach residents: 'become active!'

They are committed to preserving nature and biodiversity, they organize training courses, children’s activities and camps, they save crocodiles, fight against flatworms, are committed to environmentally friendly energy and keep an eye on water and air limits. We are talking about the dedicated members of the bundes naturschutz.

Living conditions are getting worse

The kulmbach district group, chaired by karl-heinz vollrath, looked back on the past year in the kommunbrau hall.

"We experienced a year of heat and drought, but also of floods and storms", said the chairman. "We are leaving our children and grandchildren a world with significantly worse living conditions." the coal phase-out has been decided, but not until 2038. And there is still no solution for a nuclear repository.

"The air traffic increases annually by five percent and the individual traffic by the development of roads is always further demanded." we are heading for gridlock, the wrong course has been set in politics.

Everyone bears responsibility

Karl-heinz vollrath was all the more pleased that for several weeks now, young people have been taking part in "fridays for future"-movement organized. "Become active!", was his call to all.

This call was taken up by the "grunwehrbeck" ralf immediately spoke up by stating convincingly: "man is responsible for making the environment a better place, we all are, not only politics."

He and his entire family were honored with the environmental award of the kulmbach BN local group. An award that ralf grob saw as representative of all small artisan bakers. The "grunwehrbeck" has won the environmental award according to laudator katrin geyer also well deserved. Not only does he consume 20 percent less energy despite a rooftop photovoltaic system that makes him a business. "This bakery has a soft spot for regionality, quality and also a strong social vein."

In recent years, ralf and sebastian grob had used the proceeds from various types of bread to support, among other things, amphibian conservation, a scout troop, church renovations and the paul-gerhardt kindergarten. "Grunwehrbeck sources his products from the region; he even buys hazelnuts from a farm in upper bavaria and not from turkey", so geyer.

Consumers in demand

Nevertheless, ralf grob sees himself confronted with growing problems. "We small bakers only supply ten percent of the kulmbach population, the rest buy baked goods that require an incredible amount of energy." in the past, there were 160 bakers in the district, so it is up to the consumer to ensure that the bread supply is also guaranteed in the future.

Third mayor frank wilzok praised the quality and commitment of the grob family and also emphasized: "everyone is called upon to do something for environmental protection, we all need to be grounded again."

Criticism of the city council’s decision

Asked by vollrath about the city council’s decision against the photovoltaic plant in grafendobrach, wilzok referred to a basic resolution from 2009. "But of course we have to create alternative energies, no one is saying that we can’t do things differently in the future."

Frank wilzok and deputy district administrator dieter schaar received further suggestions from second chairman roland ramming. "It would be important to rethink the land use plan," says albert, he said in view of the nature conservationists’ motto for 2019 "creates a future worth living".

Dieter schaar showed that the district is already very active in environmental protection. "We give out flower seeds, which have led to initiatives such as the ‘kasendorfer blutenmeer’ or the ‘mainleuser blumenwiesen’." a step in the right direction, but still, ramming says, it’s important to avoid urban sprawl and sealing of land. The city should also set a good example in terms of tree planting and pruning.

Oaks instead of plane trees

"At the central parking lot, other trees could have been planted instead of plane trees, which serve as food for just four species of insects", he cited as a concrete example. One oak tree, for example, had provided something for around 250 species of insects. In this context, the BN local group wished to revive the burgerforum, which had already existed in the past. "We were happy to participate", karl-heinz vollrath castle.

In a short presentation, ronja endres, speaker for political communication, explained how important the upcoming european elections will also be for nature conservation, because: "the environment knows no artificially generated borders", she said.

In agriculture, she called for public money for public services, not for coarse farming practices.

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