A captivating television program in iphofen

A captivating television program in iphofen

At the wiesn this year already. As a true munich child, carolin reiber plunged into the hustle and bustle of the world's largest folk festival right at the start. But yesterday at noon she gladly turned her back on the oktoberfest to experience completely different adventures in the north of the freestate. With their "bavarian tour-the bavarian television team arrived at julius-echter-berg in the afternoon – after an hour and a half in a traffic jam.

Shocked? Mabig mood? For the sake of. If the waiting on the highway has annoyed you, then you love that no one tracks. The youthful 72-year-old whirled up the stairs in iphof's town hall and buried mayor josef mend waiting there with a hearty laugh and a jaunty grub on her lips.

Since "goes" what
Why the iphofers "demolished the monastery back then", wanted to know it, hardly that all had taken place. "This is pure slander!", christl usler (tourist info) answered briskly – and the ice was broken. Everyone laughed, mayor mend explained that the iphofers "naturally" only the already destroyed plant had been removed, and quickly a lively conversation was underway – about the bocksbeutel and the "interesting people and stories that iphofen has to offer" (editor philip nabhan). Carolin reiber humorously asked whether josef mend, who has been mayor of iphofen since 1990, knows every iphofen resident and whether the opening up of the formerly arch-catholic town to ecumenism would not even please pope franciscus.

It quickly became clear to her well-trained journalist's eye that nothing escapes her notice: "most of the time, it doesn't work!", she said, pointing to the historic grandfather clock in the wedding hall that shows the exact time. "Elsewhere, these are often just dummies."

What else "goes" in iphofen, this will be the popular presenter of her rough "bavarian tour"-fan community on 9. October betrayed – on this day the broadcast will be aired, which will be recorded tonight in iphofen.

"Come with your wife?", asked reiber mend yesterday. When the latter nodded, the ratings guarantor laughed and said: "then she can experience them for an hour and a half, completely relaxed and without work." however, the fact that carolin reiber already told in the next sentence about a colleague of mends, whom she had played a flowery trick on during the broadcast, has certainly not escaped the attention of the head of the iphof town council.
One thing seems to be sure: today in iphofen nobody will long for the wiesn.

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