Thanksgiving service in kronach commemorates prince bishop

Thanksgiving service in kronach commemorates prince bishop

When the salvos of the cronach committee company are heard next sunday on melchior-otto-square, the prince-bishop bambergian guard and artillery company is lined up at cronach, the city bailiff and the quartermasters, together with kastner, together with the councillors of cronach and the clergy of both confessions gathered at the saule of the same name, then the personage is remembered who as prince bishop melchior otto voit of salzburg was once the sovereign of cronach.

The prince bishop is celebrated every year on the sunday after sebastiani with an "eternal anniversary" the wine harvest is expected to last until the end of october or even the beginning of november this year, and will be accompanied by the thanks of the people of kronach for the favors they received for their bravery and loyalty during the thirty years war: a golden mayoral chain, a spanish habit for the aldermen and a new coat of arms for the town.

The coat of arms with three crowns
and this coat of arms, which has adorned the tip of the melchior otto saule since 1654, symbolically reflects precisely this bravery of the kronachers through the shield holders, who were known as the "maltreated manner" hold the coat of arms. But they also lament the cruelty of war, as described in the deed of gift of 1651. The three crowns in the "new" town hall are also a reminder of the outstanding virtues of the citizens of kronach at that time kronach’s coat of arms: the burger, the mauer and the wall crowns.

The historical background of melchior otto day has faded in the memory of many citizens, and the significance of this day in the historical image of the town of kronach has shrunk to a rudimentary event. The early start of the service (9 a.M.) will certainly also help to celebrate the civic pride to be shown on this day more calmly than actively in the eulogy for prince bishop melchior otto.

This day was given a certain emphasis by the commitment of the historical groups, which have been escorting the council members from the old town hall to the kronach town church since 2006, just as nikolaus zitter describes it in his chronicle of 1661.

However, an ecclesiastical political accent is also set.

On this day, the local representatives of the catholic and protestant churches traditionally meet after the church service to discuss upcoming problems with the city leaders.

The gift of the councilors
in the meantime, the historical actors go to the brewery of the upper town to enjoy the gift of the councilors without rough discussion.
Sunday is memorial day in kronach.

8.45 o’clock departure from the old town hall

9 a.M. Praise service, followed by salute on melchior otto square

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