Csu has a tough choice

Csu has a tough choice

The new state parliament will be elected in a year's time. Potential candidates have long since positioned themselves. The union has not yet decided who will succeed robert kiesel.
Until mid-june, the union's world was in order: dorothee bar was to be elected to the bundestag, and kiesel was to be elected to the state parliament. Then kiesel had to pull out for health reasons, and the candidate merry-go-round picked up speed rapidly.
Many names were initially mentioned, but four are still being discussed: brigitte meyerdierks, mayor of bad bruckenau, sandro kirchner, emil muller (both of burkardroth) and martin wende (hammelburg), chairman of the JU district.
Brigitte meyerdierks (58) speaks for her experience in local politics. She is also well networked as a member of the CSU district executive committee. However, she only took up the office of mayor two years ago. It was probably not well received, she now said goodbye in the direction of state politics.
Sandro kirchner (37) is considered the favorite of robert kiesel. The engineer has played an active role in party and local politics (local chairman, 2. Mayor) has already held important offices. He is considered down-to-earth, but dances at several weddings.
Emil muller (55) is an experienced political professional (among other things, vice district administrator). The fact that he was voted out of office as mayor of burkardroth for many years is not necessarily to his disadvantage.

100 delegates decide

Hammelburg JU district chairman and prospective teacher martin wende completes the quartet. He has not made much of an appearance in local politics so far. That he is only 24 years old is considered disadvantageous by many. Others have a different opinion.
District chairman thomas bold did not want to commit to (s)one favorite, the CSU had four qualified candidates. This was also demonstrated by the candidates during their presentation. Everyone has his or her. Bold: "we need someone we can expect to bring the most to the constituency". The 100 delegates – 83 from the district of bad kissingen, 17 from rhon-grabfeld – had to make up their minds at the meeting on saturday, 10 a.M., when they were elected. November, in bad bocklet for one decide.
For the SPD, the only thing that is clear is that sabine dittmar (48), a member of the state parliament, will replace susanne kastner in the bundestag. The nomination is for the 19. October planned in zeil. Sabine dittmar has no opposing candidate and is aiming for a place among the first ten applicants on the list.

Trio of interested parties

It remains to be decided who will run for the state parliament instead of her. According to sabine dittmar, there are three interested parties: one woman and two men, whose names she does not yet want to mention. The SPD has never been in such a comfortable situation, she says. Well-informed circles report of a very young student from bad kissingen, a local politician from rhon and a juso from hammelburg. The candidates are to meet on 5. November, present to the heads of the local associations. The nomination is planned for the middle, end of january.

Everything in the green

Everything seems to be settled among the greens. Board spokeswoman monika horcher said hans-josef fell wants to run for the bundestag again. The district association supports him. The list will be drawn up in december, with the official nomination meeting in january. The greens have decided in favor of eva pumpurs, an IT specialist from wurzburg, for the state parliament. The 26-year-old is green district chairwoman.
"Sometimes you could look enviously at the old-established parties," says eugen albert, says eugen albert, the district chairman of the free electoral party. Munnerstadter wanted to get into the state parliament in 2008, but with 9.7 percent he didn't stand a chance as expected. He will not run again. It is unclear who will succeed him as a candidate: "the interested parties are dark-sated", one is on the search. The candidates for the bundestag are also "still in the preparatory phase", first talks have already been held. The nomination meeting is "planned" for november.
The FDP, with its rather small number of members, has a clear position. District chairman hans-joachim hofstetter (bad kissingen) aspires to the state parliament. The ophthalmologist has led the district association for two years and was nominated in bad kissingen. In the process, the hofheim physician erhard stubenrauch was nominated as a candidate for the bundestag.

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