Schoolchildren in untermerzbach have the most female teeth

Of the 48 elementary school students, every child visited the dentist at least once a year, giving the school a rate of 121 percent. A maximum of 200 percent would have been possible if each child had visited the dentist every six months, which is what the dentists recommend.

Kirchlauter elementary school came in second (85 percent), rauhenebrach third (50 percent). Figures of 25 percent give the initiators pause for thought, because this means that only one in four primary school children is actually on the path to practical training.

Things are better in untermerzbach. The dentist’s office is within sight, and the cooperation works very well, as principal gerlinde megges and dr. Martin kotschenreuther unanimously declared the following at the award ceremony on monday morning.

The dentist and his assistants come to the school for lessons and practical examinations as well as for parents’ evenings.

And in return, the children regularly go to the dentist: "not only to me, but also to other colleagues, kotschenreuther adds explicitly. "The most important thing is that children and parents are motivated by the teachers and that the visits are documented."

examinations, prophylaxis and instructions on how to brush teeth properly were the focus for dentist kotschenreuther. What he likes about the campaign is that "it reaches all school-age children".
The hard work of the untermerzbach elementary school children was rewarded with 100 euros. "For this we buy educational toys for the many children who come early in the morning and can occupy themselves with them", assured principal megges.

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