Volkach’s way of life inspires despite the rain

For anita and franz-josef glaser the tour through the way of life was a matter of course. "We come here every year, no matter what the weather is", says the humorous couple from neighboring nordheim. According to their own statements, they feel the pure joy of life in the streets of the old town. They love the live music of different bands and the varied wine offer. In her red winter jacket, anita glaser is beaming all over: "this is a super event and the people of volkach are coming up with something great", she swarmed from the event. "If something like this is in our area, then we simply have to support it."

Like many other party guests, the glasers used the mainschleifen shuttle to get to volkach in a relaxed manner. "When we have drunk a few schnapps, we don't need a car, we go home by bus", female franz-josef glaser to appreciate the advantages of the bus feeder. "The shuttle is not only for tourists, but also for the locals. Why risk your driving license?", his wife emphasizes and summarizes the advantages of the way of life: "there is something for every generation in the matter of music." tasting the wines and enjoying the culinary delicacies is something very special for the glasers, something that does not exist in the normal everyday life of the mainschleife. "Here some top vintners offer their wines and you have the chance to taste them in a wonderful ambience."

Syrian rebels prepare for “zero hour

Syrian rebels prepare for

"We have no evidence of plans to use chemical weapons," nato ambassador alexander grushko said, according to information from the interfax agency. He accused nato of already interfering in the syrian conflict with the planned deployment of "patriot" missiles in turkey.

But even among the regime's opponents, there are many who believe the discussion of a poison gas operation is a diversionary maneuver by the U.S. They suspect that this danger is now being exaggerated by washington in order to have a pretext for activities against militant islamists in syria. "The americans are playing a dangerous game," said a syrian dissident in istanbul.

Further good advice for homeowners in nordhalben

Further good advice for homeowners in nordhalben

Urban redevelopment management was the topic of discussion in the nordhalben market town council. It was unanimously decided to suspend the consultation process for the linb& pecher for vacant properties to expand, since due to the good response of the house owners the work alone in the administration of the city hall is not to be carried out.

Due to the expansion of the demand initiative and the considerable increases in northern halben, the office is now called upon to assist homeowners in determining what they can make of the property.

The reconstruction of klostergasse in kulmbach begins on monday

the reconstruction of klostergasse in kulmbach begins on monday

Things are happening in klostergasse: construction workers set up a container and stored a large number of barrier beacons on thursday morning. Along klostergasse, as the signs also put up there on thursday state, there will be an absolute no-stopping rule from monday morning: the renovation of klostergasse is casting its shadows ahead.

Here you can get help with educational issues

Here you can get help with educational issues

Some things are different in coburg. For example, the education and participation package. Initiated by the federal government years ago, the job centers in many municipalities are responsible for processing applications and issuing notices. In coburg, susanne holzmann and andrea hofer from the city's education office have been taking care of the processing since april 2011. This is what the city council decided.

The two employees advise and remind those affected when new applications have to be made, and are contact persons for all those who want to use the education and participation package. This was based on an agreement with the jobcenter that expired at the end of the year and had to be renewed. The culture and school senate decided to extend the agreement indefinitely.

Hammelburg volleys: a very special game against freiburg?

Hammelburg volleys – FT 1844 freiburg (saturday, 8 pm)

It is not a derby. And also, as far as common careers of players and coaches are concerned, the two second division clubs TV/DJK hammelburg and FT 1844 freiburg have hardly anything in common. Nevertheless, a special game takes place on saturday evening in the saaletalhalle. Because of what happened last season in the same place. But this time everything will be different.

Falling down a slope: german woman dies while hiking in mallorca

Falling down a slope: german woman dies while hiking in mallorca

A german woman died while hiking in mallorca. The accident occurred friday afternoon on the hiking trail cami dels pintors between deiA and soller in the northwest of the spanish vacation island, according to media, including the "mallorca newspaper" and the "mallorca magazine, with reference to spokesmen of the regional rescue services reported.

Imf grants pakistan over one billion us dollars

imf grants pakistan over one billion us dollars

The IMF said in washington that this would enable the sudanese country to increase its foreign exchange reserves, boost spending on health care and do more to cushion the economic impact of the crisis. The pandemic has already had a significant impact on the economy, he continued. The IMF funds have improved pakistan’s financial situation, which has been allowed to attract the support of other donors, he continues.

Bund naturschutz calls on all kulmbach residents: “become active!”

Bund naturschutz calls on all kulmbach residents: 'become active!'

They are committed to preserving nature and biodiversity, they organize training courses, children’s activities and camps, they save crocodiles, fight against flatworms, are committed to environmentally friendly energy and keep an eye on water and air limits. We are talking about the dedicated members of the bundes naturschutz.

Drug smuggling: death sentence for german in malaysia

Drug smuggling: death sentence for german in malaysia

A court in the state of selangor found the 40-year-old guilty of smuggling 1.5 kilograms of the synthetic drug methamphetamine into the southeast asian country in january 2011, according to media reports friday. The defendant was arrested at the airport in the capital city of kuala lumpur. He denies the crime.

The federal government wants to prevent the man from being executed. According to the foreign office in berlin, the german embassy in malaysia has already been involved in the case since the arrest of the bundesburger. "Germany is strongly opposed to the death penalty worldwide," said a ministry spokeswoman.