The reconstruction of klostergasse in kulmbach begins on monday

the reconstruction of klostergasse in kulmbach begins on monday

Things are happening in klostergasse: construction workers set up a container and stored a large number of barrier beacons on thursday morning. Along klostergasse, as the signs also put up there on thursday state, there will be an absolute no-stopping rule from monday morning: the renovation of klostergasse is casting its shadows ahead.

A look back: in the summer, after almost two years of construction, the "new central parking lot, now called eku-platz, has been completed. Only in the surrounding area there was still work to be done. The last individual item on the agenda for the city of kulmbach was the reconstruction of klostergasse.

However, the city was then jolted back from its original plan to complete this work immediately after the 2018 beer week. One paused for a moment.

As the bayerische rundschau reported in august, this was intended to give residents and business owners in the vicinity of the eku square a chance to catch their breath: after all, they had patiently endured months of construction work and traffic obstructions – and had to put up with a noticeable drop in sales.

Early in 2018, the renovation will be done, so it was said at the time. Finally, the work should be completed by the time of the summer events – the old town festival and the beer week.

So now it starts. This was confirmed by the city of kulmbach yesterday in a press release. According to the report, the construction companies gunther-bau and dechant hoch- und ingenieurbau have begun setting up the construction site and installing traffic safety systems.

From monday, 7. January, the earthworks for the laying of the new water main in klostergasse are to start first. During these works the klostergasse will be open to through traffic; the roadway will only be slightly narrowed.

From the 14. January the new water pipes are being laid by the ASK company and the connections to the new pipes are being re-tied.

What no one can exactly calculate at the moment: the weather. "All work is subject to the weather", it says in the press release. "Therefore, if the weather does not permit the start of the work, there may still be postponements of the above-mentioned dates."

Due to the construction work, the short-term parking spaces in klostergasse had to be closed and the stop for the plassenburg express had to be relocated. The plassenburg-express will be stopped at the bus stop near the dr until the reconstruction works in klostergasse are finished.-stammberger hall on and off.

The city of kulmbach advises drivers familiar with the area to avoid the construction site. For example, over the karl-jung-strabe – which, however, will be closed next week due to tree felling work.

During the entire work, the properties in the klostergasse should be accessible to fub, the city assures. "We will endeavor to reduce the restrictions and obstructions to the absolutely necessary minimum.", it remains. "The city of kulmbach asks in advance for the understanding of business people, residents and the general public for the unavoidable impact of the work."

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