A chapel under reconstruction

A chapel under reconstruction

"We wanted to create a special place of peace and contemplation for the residents and the guests", explains cathedral chaplain dr. Jurgen lenssen. The chapel in the old people's and nursing home of the horn foundation in dettelbach is being redesigned artistically.
The space will be designed without steps to emphasize the closeness to the residents and the community. The chapel will have a color-contrasting area for the altar and tabernacle. The area should correspond to the low coarseness of the room. The back wall of the altar, which will then extend in the middle of the room over the altar like a canopy, will be designed in color by the kolner artist jurgen wolf. Sideways a madonna comes to stand on the high of the gallery.
The plans envisage that the residents of the home will also be able to reach the chapel via the gallery. Dr. Lenssen: "so also wheelchair users have the madonna for their private piety before their eyes." a cross is hung above the altar, so that the residents have two images for their silent devotion: the cross and the madonna.
The existing floor tiles will be retained. "There are very nice tiles from the
19. Century"", explained the cathedral chaplain. The four colored windows also date from this period. In the area of the gallery, only some tiles are to be removed and grouted again in another place.
Lenssen is convinced that the tight space and the design of the chapel will create an intimate atmosphere. A picture of saint georg is placed on a bricked up window. He is the patron of this chapel.
According to the available estimates, the cost of the event is between 80,000 and 100,000 euros. Since the new tabernacle will be provided by the diocese, the cathedral chaplain expects the cost to be closer to 80,000 euros. "It would have been great if the three sponsors – the diocese, the hospital foundation and the city of dettelbach – had been joined by donations", he said.

About three and a half months to go

Architect oliver kuhn informed during an on-site visit that the first construction phase has been completed. This involved remodeling the kitchen, remodeling the nurses' room and remodeling the recreation room. In addition, a ceiling was brought into the chapel room. "The challenge at the old people's home is that we have to carry out all the renovation work in the normal course of business, map kuhn. "We can only move very slowly piece by piece with the umbaumabnahmen in the house." it's clear: the workers have to be considerate of the residents.
The next step is the main entrance. A handicapped-accessible entrance is created here. Overall, kuhn expects reconstruction work to take a further three and a half months.

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