The water dragon gives courage

The water dragon gives courage

"Dead said live longer" – "the FDP will also be needed in the future" – "2012 will bring the turnaround. At the moment, patrick doring probably hears such brave slogans everywhere from his party friends at the inaugural visits. Things were no different in coburg on saturday – at least not until arndt feustel stepped up to the speaker's podium in the congress center to deliver his opening remarks. Bad rodach, who is chairman of the coburg-land FDP district association, listed all the things he doesn't like in berlin, starting with the "unprecedented amigo spectacle in the federal presidential office" he ended with an appeal for the FDP ministers to "fly the FDP flag a little more" should show.
Patrick doring had to swallow at first. But the designated secretary general of the FDP countered with a thoroughly rousing speech. And at the end of his half-hour speech, arndt feustel was the first to applaud: "I am positively impressed by him!"
Both the stature and the voice of 38-year-old patrick doring are imposing. That helps to come out impressively. In addition, he repeatedly uses his hands to gesticulate vigorously. He speaks freely – but that shouldn't be too difficult, given that patrick doring is currently giving speeches like the one he gave in coburg.
The content of the speech is therefore quickly recounted: the secretary general designate described economic growth as the "key to success. It couldn't be that 50 new books on the subject of growth were published in germany last year "and all of them were critical of growth". The FDP is committed to being pro-growth. According to patrick doring, the other parties are often not only anti-growth, but even "anti-innovation. Example: berlin city hall: "a red-green coalition failed because of a few hundred meters of freeway." he accused the greens of often being "ideologically stubborn" to be.

For a new culture of politics

Another topic: debt reduction or budget consolidation. Patrick doring called for a "culture of politics" to anchor that the state (as well as each federal state and each municipality) may only spend as much money as is collected on the other side. "That's what every citizen has to do at home!"
A clear no came from patrick doring to the planned transaction tax. The many other parties that want to introduce this tax could not believe, says doring, "that it would create paradise overnight.
And how quickly will the FDP, which has consistently remained below five percent in the polls, return to paradise?? Patrick doring explains that the political opponent has succeeded in "sticking a few hateful labels on the FDP". But the designated general secretary was confident that this difficult situation can be mastered. According to the chinese horoscope, 2012 is the year of the water dragon – which stands for growth, prosperity and luck.

"In good weather everybody can sail", said patrick doring, well aware of how stormy the times currently are for the FDP. But he used his powerful voice one last time for a similar appeal: "let's sail powerfully ahead – under a yellow-blue sail!"

Party of reason

By the way: the quotes mentioned at the beginning of this article were taken from the speeches of coburg's FDP chairman and city councillor ulrich herbert, the chairman of the FDP state parliamentary group and head of the upper franconian FDP, thomas hacker, and FDP member of the bundestag sebastian korber. Ulrich herbert had also campaigned to position the FDP as a "party of economic reason and for a sustainable budgetary policy to position.

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