21-Year-old receives permanent arrest

A veritable "stoner den" police officers searched a house in a steigerwald town on 30. August 2016: marijuana and hashish were openly accessible in several places in the apartment. In a shoe box, the officers also found a knife and a brass knuckle. The apartment was occupied by a 21-year-old unemployed man who was arrested on monday for possession of "not a small amount" of narcotics had to answer to the court of juvenile delinquency. It sentenced him to three weeks' permanent detention in accordance with juvenile criminal law.

The defendant stated in court that of the narcotics found, only around 47 grams of hashish, 14 grams of marijuana and three grams of cannabis powder belonged to him. The rest belongs to a buddy who has already been sentenced by the district court.

The investigating authorities had become aware of the defendant, who had not previously been charged with any crime, through another drug user who pointed out the drug den in the steigerwald to the officers. An officer from the schweinfurt criminal investigation department said that when she examined the defendant's cell phone, it became clear that he was a trafficker: "there was a lot on it", she said on the witness stand in court. Mere empty phrases like "can you help me??" she had not taken into account in her research, but only clear facts such as grams and prices. The defendant had made 1500 euros only by dealing with a customer.

Juvenile court assistant franz heinrich described the family situation of the defendant as "precarious". The father had been home only on weekends since the defendant's early childhood due to his job, so the mother had raised him almost alone. He managed to pass the secondary school with effort. He had dropped out of the first training program, and after a short time had been fired from the second training program.

Since the 15. He had been using drugs since the age of 18. In his parents' house, he lived alone in his own apartment, which he made available to other junkies as a place to consume and store drugs. He was no longer allowed to enter his parents' apartment.

Since the crime took place two years ago and the defendant was 19 years old at the time, heinrich recommended that the defendant only be given work hours under juvenile criminal law.

"Harmful tendencies"

However, the prosecutor did not want to go along with that. He saw "harmful tendencies" in the accused and requested a six-month prison sentence on probation.

As a condition, he had to prove his abstinence through regular drug tests and perform 200 hours of community service.

Defense attorney jochen kaller only considered the case to be of a lesser degree of severity. The amount of narcotics that belonged to his client was only slightly above the limit of "not a small amount". The accused had a good-natured character. Moreover, nothing had happened since the raid. Kaller therefore requested a work requirement of 100 hours under juvenile criminal law.

The court decided to send the 21-year-old to jail for three weeks. The gross amount of narcotics does not allow a punishment of only working hours, said judge martin kober in the sentencing. In addition, the defendant had not only consumed himself, but had also trafficked actively. The verdict is not yet final.

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