No beer without good water

No beer without good water

Man forgets quickly. When he sits regularly in the beer garden and enjoys his silk beer on the table in front of him, he seldom thinks about what a beer like this actually means. On a day like today, which is known as the annual "day of german beer this year for the 25. The four ingredients used in accordance with the purity law are recalled again and again in the celebrations held by the german brewers' association on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the brewery.

Water quality is good in many places

Without water, everything would remain a dry affair. The quality of the most important ingredient must be right. And fortunately it fits in many places. Such a thing is not self-evident. Clarification plants and the technicians in the waterworks perform important work day and night.

Carelessly flushed down the toilet

But there is one thing they are often powerless against: when people throw their leftover medication into the toilet bowl without thinking and dispose of it by flushing it down the toilet. There are still too many who do so. The clear plants filter a lot. But backlogs of drugs can't eliminate them. Residues in the urine could still be tolerated. Whole boxes of pills do not.

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