It is important to challenge young talent


The carnival club grobenbrach e.V. Has a new board. At the annual general meeting were held new elections, which went quickly and without problems uber die stage. Christoph aberer was elected as the new chairman by the 28 voters present. He follows andreas bocklet. The deputy chairwoman, anja buschbacher, was confirmed in her office.
"I am glad that it continues with the association. On the other hand, i also look back with a sad eye at the fact that the old board of directors has resigned. She has always fulfilled her tasks very well and brought the club forward" declared anja buschbacher.
Andreas bocklet, the former chairman of the board, thanked the board for the great support he received during his term of office. "I am pleased that christoph aberer has agreed to carry on the jester's cap of the association." he said, causing many smiles at the meeting.

Criticism of the stakeholders' meeting
At the same time he reminded the club members of their responsibility: "a lot of young people are active in our club: it is up to us to form and challenge talents and personalities" said bocklet. It is also important for interpersonal communication that young people are offered a starting point that provides opportunities for leisure activities.
Criticism ubte the former chairman andreas bocklet at the actor meetings: "it has indeed at the performances in aschach once again everything worked like clockwork and the performances were excellent" he admitted. However, until the last moment, it was not known whether enough performances would be made. "Here we have to take care that the program is fixed earlier than before" he warned.
The "buttenabende" were again very well visited, up to the last seats were sold out. The program was once again very well received by the visitors. "I am happy that we have been able to maintain our high level for many years now. The event went fantastically well, i am very happy" said bocklet.
The fact that the carnival club grobenbrach is also committed to charitable purposes was shown by the donations that were made again last year.
The old and new president of the meeting, mario humpfer, showed that the club has a great sense of humor, and his cheerful speech made the club members laugh. "The old board member may be eligible for retirement – but he can still take part in the carnival club's performances" he said roughly.

Outlook for the season
Also an outlook to the new carnival season was given the "buttenabend" on the 21st of this year. And 22. February. "It is important for us to plan our appearances as early as possible. This takes the pressure off the event and gives planning security" said aberer.
The new chairman christoph aberer is no stranger to the carnival events. He has already participated in the male ballet and the prasidium and is a founding member of the club, which was founded in 1990. "Already my parents have been active here and also my children join in the butten evening" explained the 37-year-old.



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