Accusations against the frankenwald clinic

accusations against the frankenwald clinic

"The frankenwaldklinik needs peace and quiet", uwe fleischmann, chairman of the district doctors’ association, said on friday when it became known that rhon klinik ag was also selling the frankenwaldklinik to fresenius helios.

And yet the clinic can’t get out of the headlines. A letter from an anonymous sender is currently being circulated among the doctors in private practice, in which serious accusations are being made against the administration of the frankenwaldklinik – especially in connection with the departure of the head gastroenterologist rolf seipel.

Head of administration andre naumann comments on the letter, which he has also received. "We are very sorry that the anonymous sender did not first contact us directly with his concerns and assumptions. In a joint discussion, his concerns and simply false claims could certainly have been discussed and cleared out of the way. Schlieblich, the frankenwaldklinik is focusing on working together in the region and not against each other," says the 35-year-old and schm schmler, says naumann at first. He then goes into the following accusations:

1. It was not excessive salary demands, family reasons or new career goals that prompted rolf seipel to leave, the letter says.
As already communicated in august, dr. After intensive and trusting discussions, seipel and the frankenwaldklinik have decided to go their separate ways in the future. The frankenwaldklinik is planning restructuring in the area of internal medicine. Due to this realignment, dr. Seipel decided to make a career change.

2. Rolf seipel himself once vowed that he would leave if he had to spend more than 50 percent of his working time justifying his work and decisions in meetings and e-mail correspondence with the administration. This 50 percent limit has now obviously been exceeded.
We do not understand the reproach concerning the administrative burden and the justification. In fact, chief physicians have to justify themselves in terms of length of stay and discharge management. However, this is not required by the administration, but is exclusively a matter of legally prescribed audits of the medical service. These examinations are regularly commissioned by the health insurance companies. Unfortunately, the hospital has no influence on this. The MDK physician must be provided with proof of the need for treatment. The established audit procedure applies to all hospitals in the federal republic of germany.

3. The letter goes on to say that such problems could easily have been solved with a little accommodation on the part of the administration. For example, through better specialist and nursing staffing on the ward of chief physician rolf seipel. For example, he had been relieved of patients requiring nursing care and those lying in bed for long periods of time by an infection ward.
The mentioned infection ward with corresponding staff has already been established for years (ward 7). A ward secretary has even been hired to relieve the doctors working there of essential administrative tasks (documentation, MDK inquiries, correspondence). The exact opposite of the claim is therefore the case.

4. Following the announcement by head physician seipel, two other senior physicians in his department have announced that they will be working in the department.
The mentioned statement of two senior physicians does not correspond to the facts either. On the one hand, only one senior physician will be leaving our hospital, and on the other hand, this is not the consequence of the departure of dr.

Seipel. Rather, she was offered a position close to home and accepted it. In that letter, the allegedly high fluctuation in our medical staff is also denounced. A hospital is not a rigid system. On the contrary, it moves and changes persistently. This also includes a certain change in personnel. The staff fluctuation in the past few years at the frankenwaldklinik is not unusual compared to other hospitals. It is simply part of everyday hospital life. It is important to us to retain employees and thus create continuity. However, personnel career planning and changing circumstances sometimes necessitate a change of position. Most of the physicians who have left our hospital in recent years have received an attractive offer for their further career or have changed within the framework of further specialist training.

5. A similar personnel storm is allegedly brewing in trauma surgery, according to the letter.
We are not aware of a staffing storm in the trauma surgery department, even after recent personal discussions with the department’s chief physician.

Chief physician rolf seipel did not want to comment on the letter, but referred to the administration.

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