Chic fashion for a better figure

Marion kruger-hundrup sabine ullich (name changed by the editors) managed to "sell mode plus" entering the main station – annoyed by the search for suitable clothing in the usual stores. It’s more for the slim ones without "problem zones made.

Mid-fifties sabine ullich has a narrow waist but powerful hooves and thighs. Buying pants is usually a frustrating experience for them: do the trousers fit well around the buttocks, does the waistband bag?.

But at "sell mode plus there is a remedy. "We specialize in pants and have a rough selection for every type of figure", says senior manager ute gerull. After a trained glance at sabine ullich, she pulls several models out of a pile of folded specimens. In fact: the fitting brings the desired result. The pants fit perfectly.

For 25 years now, "sell mode plus" has been selling a hole in the bamberger business world. The store houses chic, individual fashion in rough 42 to 54.

Of course, not only pants are on offer. Everything a woman needs for a snappy outfit can be found in it. And makes the ladies between 30 and 85 years happy.

"We have many nice customers, regulars, but also tourists", says ute gerull, who has handed over the management to her daughter franziska.

Bamberg is a good location for this kind of fashion beyond collections, says. And even if advising women with more figure is time-consuming: the two gerulls and their four employees remain friendly, patient; even if someone leaves the store without buying anything.

With the 25. The family business celebrates two more birthdays in bamberg: 90 years ago, emma sell, ute gerull’s mother, founded the company for women’s fashion in schweinfurt. For 30 years, the company has specialized in coarse.

"At first we had to order extra models from small manufacturers", ute gerull looks back. Word of the new offer got around quickly, and the first fashion boutique for "plus size" was opened was born.

The mother-daughter team gerull is convinced that even in times of online shopping on the internet, businesses have a chance "that are personally and honestly managed". Business manager franziska gerull adds, however: "without our friendly employees, we would not have had this success."

This praise pleases petra stappenbacher, who has been part of the bamberger team from the very beginning. So also this year 25. Celebrating the company’s anniversary. She is eagerly preparing for the birthday week of 11 a.M.Through 16. November.

Then, among other things, it will be in "sell mode plus" giving a wheel of fortune and prizes for every customer.

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