Loce operation proceeded quickly and precisely

LoCe operation proceeded quickly and precisely

Wasmuthhausen – a firefighting group of the wasmuthhausen fire department passed the performance test "the group in the firefighting operation" successfully. Under the eyes of the district fire inspector peter hegemann they showed a very appealing performance, which could be observed by numerous spectators from wasmuthhausen.
In a very fast time, the group loved to make only a few mistakes, which at no time put the passing of the exam in danger. A week of hard and extremely sweaty training had the participants behind them, which was led by the two instructors, the commandant duo from altenstein and geroldswind, uwe hein and robert muller.
In his laudatory speech, peter hegemann referred to the performance shown and thanked the participants for their commitment and willingness to put themselves at the service of the community. In this day and age, this is not a matter of course, according to hegemann.
But the focus during the week was not only on exercises and training – a willingness to perform coupled with camaraderie was once again the key factor that ultimately led to the successful completion of the course this year as well. 3. Mayor gunther hartleb saw for himself the performance of the wasmuthhausen fire department and offered the congratulations of the market town of maroldsweisach. He also praised the volunteerism of the participants and pointed out the importance of their commitment to society.
Commander christian vogel loved to briefly review the week and expressed aubert’s satisfaction with the course of events and the performance. This is also the merit of the two instructors uwe hein from altenstein and robert muller from geroldswind, who made themselves available in the usual way with their knowledge and support. Especially the passing of the highest level by sebastian vogel and ralf hofmann was praised by commander vogel and asked for the further engagement for defense and population despite the reaching of the final level. The week was brought to a pleasant close over a meal and mineral water.

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