Manfred franze traces the path of national socialism in the region

Manfred franze traces the path of national socialism in the region

At the kirchehrenbach cultural weeks, manfred franze takes his audience on a journey into the national socialist past of forchheim and french-speaking switzerland.

After musical and artistic performances, the kirchehrenbacher kunst- und kulturverein dedicates itself to a topic that still shocks after more than 80 years: national socialism and how it took hold in the immediate homeland.

This question is addressed by historian manfred franze in his regional history book "the rise and takeover of power by the national socialists in forchheim, ebermannstadt and french switzerland" (erlangen 2014) after – and share his insights this friday, 8. November, in a powerpoint lecture at the sponsel guesthouse. In a visually appealing way, the former grammar school teacher and principal illuminates the political and social developments in forchheim, ebermannstadt and french switzerland and shows how they led to the implementation of the national socialist dictatorship in the local rural region.

Based on thoroughly researched source material such as photographs and caricatures, and supplemented by his comprehensive knowledge of local french history, manfred franze captivates his audience and takes them back to bygone times that still move and arouse their emotions today.

Manfred franze, grammar school teacher, 1974 to 1987 at the grammar school in ebermannstadt, 1987 to 2005 head teacher at the peter vischer school in nurnberg, has been researching regional history between 1914 and 1949 since his studies and has published several books and essays on the subject. He was a city councillor in ebermannstadt and a district councillor in forchheim for many years. In 2012 he was awarded the cultural prize of the district of forchheim and in 2014 the ring of honor of the city of ebermannstadt. Start of the lecture is at 19.30 o'clock, admission from 180 o'clock. Admission costs eight euros.

Martini market in the "genussgarten

On the following two days, saturday, 9 a.M., and sunday, 10. November, the cultural association invites you to a leisurely stroll through the martin imarkt in the "genussgarten" from 12 noon each day the sponsel inn a. Here, regional artisans display their exhibits and offer them for sale. For the physical well-being is provided.

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