Knife attack at job center was announced on twitter

Knife attack at job center was announced on twitter

Bloody deed with announcement: the knife attack in the job center in rottweil had been announced by the suspected perpetrator on the internet. "I will kill a person of the job center tomorrow," the 58-year-old had spread in the short message service twitter.

This was said by the spokesman of the rottweiler prosecutor’s office, frank grundke, on friday. According to the investigation, the suspect had seriously injured a 50-year-old female employee with a knife during an appointment in an office on the seventh floor on thursday.

The woman was taken to a hospital by rescue helicopter and underwent emergency surgery. She could not be questioned at first. The suspected man with german citizenship was arrested without resistance at the job center. He had told the staff there after the attack that they could understand the police, he said.

Investigators recovered the murder weapon. A judge issued a warrant of arrest on friday – for attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm. The man has not yet commented on the accusations, the investigating authorities said.

If the police had been alerted to the tweet of the 58-year-old, it had immediately triggered an operation, said a spokesman. In such cases, the police immediately initiate "counter-measures and security checks". Police ask that such threats on twitter or other social media always be reported.

Even the publication of such a tweet is a disturbance of the public peace by threatening to commit a crime. According to section 126 of the penal code, threats of serious bodily harm, robbery or murder can be punished with up to three years’ imprisonment. The man’s twitter account has since been blocked.

In order to improve the security of their employees, the job centers have already significantly increased their expenditures for security services in the recent past, according to the federal employment agency (BA). Last year, the BA spent 19.7 million euros on the 302 job centers operated jointly with municipalities, around three times more than in 2011, as a BA spokesman said on friday in response to a question. Previously, the business magazine "business insider" reported about it.

Last march, there had already been a knife attack in an office in the district of rottweil. A then 25-year-old stabbed and critically injured the chamberlain of the city hall in schramberg. The guilty man was sent to a psychiatric clinic.

In mid-december, an employee of the city of koln was stabbed to death during a visit to his home to collect money for the enforcement agency. When he and a colleague rang the doorbell of a house, a resident opened the door to him and stabbed him immediately. After the attack, the man was placed in a psychiatric clinic.

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