Here’s how you can make your own sauerkraut

People are longing again for more local and genuine products. Sauerkraut is the healthiest side dish in the kitchen. This winter meal has contributed to the fact that people used to get through the cold season well. This is mainly due to the high content of vitamins, minerals and proteins. But sauerkraut has many other health benefits due to its cooking with the help of lactic acid bacteria, which are being appreciated again today.

To make sauerkraut, cut the head of cabbage into thin strips and place them in an earthenware pot. In the case of coarse amounts, cutting is done with a weed slicer.

Between the individual layers comes some table salt with a proportion of 0.5 kg per 50 kg of cabbage. In between, the mass is repeatedly and forcefully pushed with a wooden tamper until juice comes out of the cells, which later seals everything airtight at the top. A lid is placed on top and weighted down with stones so that the herb remains pressed together as tightly as possible. This prevents rot from forming later on.

The cut cabbage cooks in the vat for three to four weeks before it is ripe. In addition, a temperature of 16 to 17 degrees is recommended. After the ripening process, however, the fermented cabbage is placed in a vat in a cool cellar and then bottled as needed. But the possibilities in the kitchen and the right seasoning are limitless. The juice of the sauerkraut is also very popular to stimulate the digestion.

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