Attack on hamburger residence of vice chancellor scholz

attack on hamburger residence of vice chancellor scholz

A group of masked men attacked the hamburger home of federal finance minister olaf scholz (SPD).

A group of at least ten people in the night first rounded a car tire in front of the apartment building in the district of altona and then threw with black paint filled marble glass against the wall of the house, the police says. The taters are aligned. The SPD politician himself wanted to fly to argentina for the G20 summit with chancellor angela merkel at the time and was not in the apartment. In his time of service in berlin, the former mayor of hamburg also uses another apartment in nearby potsdam.

In hamburg, a passing police patrol discovered the burning tire and put it out. He was lying next to a guardhouse of the hamburg police – scholz’s residence is guarded because of his high danger, but only when he is in the hanseatic city. The 60-year-old lives in the apartment with his wife, britta ernst, who is minister of education in brandenburg. Possibly the perpetrators also wanted to break the windows of the building, as loose paving stones were found.

A large police force searched for the perpetrators, who escaped unrecognized. State security is now investigating a political crime. It is unclear whether the attack is connected to the upcoming G20 summit in buenos aires and the announced protests.

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