Oerlenbach theater group brings chaos to the district administration office

In just a few weeks, the municipal election campaign will begin in the county. So it's no wonder that the TSV oerlenbach theater group has also taken up the theme and chosen a suitable play for its three traditional holiday performances: "love and peace in the district administration office" by andreas wening. But in order to avoid any possibility of comparison with reality, the play's director andreas schmitt (57) has unceremoniously moved the plot of the comedic three-act play to oerlenbach and seriously assures us: "all similarities were really purely coincidental." if you want to see for yourself, you can still get tickets for the theater evenings in the oerlenbacher parish hall on 26. December, 28. December and 29. December (in each case 19:30 o'clock) still tickets at the box office (price 7.00 euro).

Unholy chaos

The 40-square-meter stage of the parish hall – furnished with appropriate decorative pieces from the theater group's collection, but also with loans from oerlenbach residents – has become the district administrator's anteroom, in which chaos is slowly but surely brewing. Although the re-election of the conservative district administrator bernhard oppenau (played by holger sempert), who is respected as a moral authority, is popular with his voters and has been in office for many years, seems to be absolutely certain and only a matter of form, the preparations for the actually superfluous election campaign are started very quietly. But then tamara bloomberg (yvonne kleinhenz), the mother of all hippies, who has been living in the u.S. For years, appears unexpectedly.




Hippie visit from the past


Accompanied by a TV team, she travels through europe to write her memoirs and produce a report on her eventful life. That's why she visits all those who played an important role in her life. Tamara, who is still "flower-power", remembers this and "free love in her style of dress and life, which has long enjoyed cult status in the USA, she also recalls the former student bernhard oppenau, with whom she once shared a flat for a few months, not only the ideals of the time, but also the bed. Flippantly she storms now the contemplative landratsamt and brings with her unconventional kind not only chaos into the quiet life of the landratsamt. This sees itself finally even forced to the wild "love and peace"-to expel the activist from his offices when he unexpectedly learns that tamara's daughter aurora butterfly (jennifer ruger) is also his daughter.

Hash cookies in office

Of course, this is a found food for the embittered opposition leader hilde brustwickel-schnodesenf (conny seitz), who promptly provides the sensation-hungry reporter of the county newspaper, timo treiber (matthias besler), with false information, which is why the county newspaper briefly even reports on the county councilor as a "drowned floater in the cellar" reports. When tamara's carelessly discarded hash-cookie-scissors start making the rounds in the office, chaos really breaks out.

All members of the TSV theater group are involved in the performances in the parish hall, which can hold a maximum of 250 people – whether as actors in twelve different roles, or as prompters (angela koch, sissi schmitt) or make-up artists (sabine werner, graciella katzenberger) – which promises particularly turbulent goings-on on the stage. This year, the theater people are also giving a special holiday treat to employees of the nudlinger lebenshilfe-werkstatt fur behinderte menschen, who will again receive free tickets, as they have for the past eight years. The proceeds from tickets sold will be used to support the voluntary work of TSV oerlenbach.

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