Prosecutor’s office wants prison sentence without custody for fler

Prosecutor's office wants prison sentence without custody for fler

In the trial against the berlin rapper fler is to be on 3. March the verdict will be pronounced. This was announced by the district court of berlin-tiergarten after the pladoyers of the prosecution and the defense. Initially, a decision of the court was expected on the same day.

The prosecution demanded a prison term of one year and ten months without probation for a series of crimes. She also applied for a two-and-a-half-year ban on driving. The defense pleaded for a sentence of seven months imprisonment on probation.

Since she does not see a positive prognosis, a custodial sentence is out of the question, the prosecutor said in her plea. Fler is not prepared to abide by the rules. Past fines and detentions had not stopped him from insulting people in his neighborhood.

The case involves various offenses: insulting several police officers, a neighbor, a lawyer and an influencer, driving without a license, attempted notification of a journalist, and prohibited communication of court proceedings.

The court heard the case in fler’s absence. A month ago, the 38-year-old caused a stir when he left the courtroom swearing at a journalist out of annoyance. Even the defender could not bring back fler, burgerlich patrick losensky. The court then decided to proceed without the musician. The rapper had made some accusations during the trial ? Partly confessed.

The defender emphasized: "he is also a figure of art, that is his role." none of the changes he was accused of had been made without cause. However, there have been "overreactions".

Several charges were consolidated in the trial. Some have now been cut off. Insulting the rapper bushido is no longer the issue in the current proceedings.

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