Speed beats mindlessness

speed beats mindlessness

How was it once with telecommunications, when there were still dial telephones, telegrams and telephone booths? Whether at that time also so much was communicated as today? Facebook and whatsapp groups offer the possibility to send all kinds of funny and trivial things to the circle of acquaintances in addition to sharing facts. We wanted to know: is this a curse or a blessing?? Do these groups rather offer benefits and bring joy or do they bring annoyance through superficiality??

"I see the advantages and disadvantages", says police officer holger reinlein, who is also a member of the staffelstein fire department. "I use whatsapp groups in my club and family as well as with work colleagues." this was a good and easy way to exchange information quickly and at short notice. "But there's also a lot of unnecessary stuff being sent out", he adds. "When the cell phone doesn't stand still at all, it sometimes gets on my nerves, too."

Quick answers are great

For Jurgen Dietz, the janitor of the two staffelstein gymnasiums, whatsapp groups definitely have advantages when they make his professional life easier: he is happy when he asks who can help out on this or that day and receives five okays as a result. Because he is networked with many associations, he belongs to about 15 whatsapp groups. "It depends on which group you are in", he says "I also sometimes leave a group." he thinks small family groups are okay. "Fakes annoy me – and if they send me easter bunnies five times, I get the crisis."

Subgroups are helpful


"I do everything via whatsapp", says insurance specialist manuel balzar. The posted content is dependent on the interest groups. The problem: with an email, the tolerance time for responding is still a day – with whatsapp, you have to react immediately. There are groups, he says, "where all kinds of junk is posted". The klamauk he sees but loose. And if a group has too many members, you can form subgroups, for example to organize an excursion. Then you can send further information only to those who have subscribed to it.

When 100 queens post…

"I have many, many whatsapp groups", answers thermal queen michelle crettaz. She finds it helpful to be able to communicate quickly through this medium. It becomes unclear when the groups are too coarse: "I am in a queen group, there are 100 colleagues in it." even though they could be driven crazy by the debates that get out of hand, they find more funny than trivial things in most of the group posts. The bottom line, she says, is that "whatsapp groups have many more advantages than disadvantages. And facebook? "I'm not so active on facebook these days. I used to do much, much more than that."

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