Fire hazard in the event of an accident: e-cars – this is how the bad kissingen fire department is preparing for upcoming operations

Fire hazard in the event of an accident: e-cars - this is how the bad kissingen fire department is preparing for upcoming operations

The world of mobility is changing: cars with hybrid or electric drives are increasingly found on the roads.Not only garages but also fire departments have to prepare for this. The loosening of an electric car bears hurdles. The floriansjunger in bad kissingen are currently building the necessary equipment for this themselves.

Electric cars and the risks of fire

"Electric cars burn differently, says harald albert, the city fire inspector. A chain reaction of short circuits can occur in the battery. This means: "if the fire is extinguished in one place, it is possible that it will be rekindled in another place." the fire in one accu cell creates a fire in the next cell, so to speak. In the worst case scenario, this could cause problems when transporting and storing the wrecked car, because the ignition is delayed. The solution for albert: "it is recommended to put the car in a water-filled tub to avoid a further ignition and multiple jerking out of the weir." but: such a geratschaft does not have the bad kissinger wehr at present. As a result, the floriansjunger became active themselves.

After the first thoughts of the firefighters, a plan was made. The plan was to buy a used trailer chassis and a suitable trough. The cost of the project was about 8000 euro. In order to finance the project, the fire department asked for donations. These funds went towards the purchase of the loo trough, which will arrive at the kissinger wehr in mid december. Donations for the project were made by the bavaria clinic, the LS laboratory, the dr institute and others. Nuss, the sparkasse bad kissingen or wiedamann roofing. The chassis was paid for by the fire department itself.

The fire brigade changed its plan

At the inspection, however, things turned out differently than planned: "by a stroke of luck, we were offered a used truck chassis instead of a used trailer chassis." the fire brigade decided after internal consultations to buy it. "The truck has the advantage of being more manageable than the trailer. This is especially true when maneuvering or backing up.", explains albert. The construction of the chassis is paid by the city of bad kissingen.

Bad kissingen: 15 firefighters work on the project

About 15 members of the kissinger fire department are now working regularly on the project – in different teams and in compliance with the applicable corona requirements. "Painting was a real team effort, says albert. The floriansjunger were on the job for about three hours, applying paint, lighting the vehicle and assisting with the painting work. The volunteer team also installed the obligatory blue light and radio on the truck.

New emergency vehicle: this is what happens to the loader body

The firefighters still want to get to work on the trough. "It is watertight and should have several connections, for example for sucking out the water", says albert. The capacity of the tub is about 20000 liters. The plan is to use the vehicle for a variety of purposes. For example, the trough can also be used as a water reservoir in the event of a fire.

Winch pulls the car wreck

If there is a traffic accident with an electric car, a winch or a crane will then load the vehicle into the trailer body. So far, accidents with electric cars have meant little work for the bad kissingen fire department. "There were two vehicles, but they were not on fire", says albert. The truck with the trough is nevertheless necessary: "when the alarm goes off, I use it to drive all over the district." the investment is important for the future.

The progress of the construction of the new emergency vehicle can be followed on the homepage of the bad kissingen fire department.

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