Himmelkroner pilot celebrates class victory on smooth asphalt

Himmelkroner pilot celebrates class victory on smooth asphalt

Moosburg an der isar, which had already been elevated to the status of a city in 1331, formed the picturesque backdrop for the start and finish of the 1. Rally sudliche holledau. The name was carefully chosen by the organizers MSF freising /MC labertal, as the rally took the 82 participating teams to the world's largest hop-growing region with 14,200 hectares, where 85.4 percent of german hops are produced.

Reinhard honke from himmelkron and his co-driver hans-peter wassner were sent into the rally adventure with start number 4 on the well prepared subaru on the super hot day with almost 40 degrees. Two round courses (evaluation stage 1/4 and SS 2/5) and an ultra-fast sprint stage (SS 3/6) had to be completed on asphalt. The evaluation stage 6 was neutralized because of the damaged track surface due to the sweltering heat.

Old tires do not get warm
After starting difficulties (honke: "we had already put on somewhat old tires in the holledau, which also needed some time to warm up in the heat") the team got along better and better with the climatic conditions and was able to realize top times in the CTC 28 class.

After the heat battle, the honke/wassner team was delighted to take first place in the CTC 28 class.

Celebrating space.

As if that wasn't enough, reinhard honke and his rally team – albeit with co-driver hansi walter – wanted to tackle the rally sprint some 350 kilometers north of moosburg in schwand near plauen. What they also did. "This is already a heibes program – in the truest sense of the word", reinhard Honke remarked.

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