Steinwiesen experiences a stable christmas

Steinwiesen experiences a stable christmas

Under the twinkling stars of the cold december night, the amateur drama group, under the direction of carmen wilde and klaus wunder, puts on a play that includes all the components of the biblical story, from the angel's announcement to maria to the flight to agyptus.

The members of the amateur dramatics group come from all denominations, generations and political parties. Here children, young people, men and women play together. Already at the rehearsals – most of which take place at the train station, where the amateur actors can get used to the temperature right away – you can see that everyone is really into it.

Maria and josef
Especially maria and josef, portrayed by silke simon and karin neubeck, are very passionate about their dialogue. They think about the people of today and know about the doubts that josef also had. You make up your mind that only faith helps to overcome fears. And they come to the conclusion that people today have it easier in everyday life, but they have a much harder time when it comes to faith. The performers put all this into their play, and it is very convincing.

"We like to play here and look forward to the performances", say silke simon and karin neubeck with a sense of humility. You can see the joy in their faces. When silke simon tilts her head, she really does look a bit like the mother of god in the pictures, and karin neubeck as the energetic yet sometimes doubtful josef hits the nerve of the spectators.

The whole ensemble, from the smallest angel and shepherd up to the rumbling herod, is infected by the "stable christmas fever". Carmen wilde holds the strings in her hand and sometimes has to put the brakes on the euphoria.

Finally, it will be interesting to see how the amateur troupe will bring the miracle of bethlehem, the magic of the holy night and the biblical story to the audience.

Dates and contributors
Performances will take place on two days: friday, 7. December, at 7 p.M. In the festival square in front of the steinwiesen train station; sunday, 9. December, at 4 pm at the aparthotel steinwiesen

In addition to the amateur dramatics group, the music society of steinwiesen and the choral society of steinwiesen/nurn also participated in the performance. Pastor richard reis will perform the inauguration and mayor gerhard wunder (CSU) will give a greeting.

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