Anniversary donation goes to kiwanis

Anniversary donation goes to kiwanis

Ten years of the rewe store in lichtenfelser strabe. This was reason enough for owner jutta hollweg to celebrate with daily changing actions for and with her customers and her team for a whole week. The employees made a special effort by assembling a ten-meter-long tin cake counter: 35 fruit, cheese, poppy seed, egg liqueur and fanta cakes – to name just a small selection – found their buyers within a short time for a small donation. The crowning finale was a delicacy buffet.

19-Year-old goes into a rage

A 19-year-old man who got into a scuffle in knetzgau and konigsberg left a clear mark on sunday evening. He has some damage to. In the end, the young man ended up in a detention cell at the police station in habfurt, as the inspectorate reported yesterday (monday).

On sunday, 19.45 o’clock, there was a fight between the 19-year-old and his stepfather in knetzgau. The argument escalated and, according to police reports, the two got into a scuffle. The 19-year-old tried to attack his stepfather with a candlestick. He continued to smash a window pane and hit a steel barbecue grill. This resulted in property damage amounting to around 500 euros.

Conti implements collective agreement for more flexible working hours

Conti implements collective agreement for more flexible working hours

Every year, 15,000 employees from the tire division receive a pot of almost three million euros to subsidize a reduction in working hours. The conditions under which this is done have yet to be defined in some cases.

For companies such as the tire manufacturer and automotive technology specialist conti, it is becoming increasingly important to take into account an aging workforce or to pay attention to the work-life balance of the younger employees. Partly there are already voluntary regulations, others are pushed by the unions. According to conti, the new regulation affects 560,000 employees nationwide who are covered by the collective bargaining agreement of the mining, chemical and energy industries union. These requirements also apply to conti’s tire division.

Coburger Mohr remains the top guard

Since 1995, the coburger mohr dance troupe has annually defended its title as upper franconian champion in the discipline of marching dance in all three age categories. According to a press release, the mohr-garden remain the number one in upper franconia this year as well.

Lively and with a lot of power, the youth guard was able to further increase its performance and defended its title as upper franconian champion for the 30th time last saturday with a 14-point lead. For the first time.

Hammelburg vintners expect good harvest

The hard-working harvest workers have their hands full at the moment. Seven men and women with nimble fingers are at work in the former prince-bishop vineyards. They cut the grapes of the ripe varieties from the grapevine. "This year the solaris grapes have a must weight of 95 degrees oechsle, the ortega grapes 78", thomas has been investigating for a long time.

The winemaker at the schloss saaleck winery has pressed the two grape varieties together, and the juice is now being fermented in the wine cellar. To start the alcoholic fermentation as quickly as possible, thomas will add pure yeast to the fresh grape must for a long time and then warm it up.

The trummer of a life: what will become of the plot of land of the shot countess of luxburg??

The trummer of a life: what will become of the plot of land of the shot countess of luxburg??

The town sign betrayed: three kilometers to gundlitz. The last view out of the car to the left, before the ziegenburg district of marktschorgast ends, is of a pile of trummers. Boards and beams, stacked one on top of the other, as if two giants had suddenly lost the desire to play ping-pong. It is the scene of a tragedy – and of a crime that has not been fully solved to this day. A murder and, it seems, a self-death.

Almost exactly seven years ago, on 16. June 2012, the life of hannelore grafin von luxburg, which was not exactly poor in scurrilities, came to an end. First killed by a headshot, then burned in his own house. The possible culprit is her 35-year-old roommate andreas S. Traded.

Oerlenbach theater group brings chaos to the district administration office

In just a few weeks, the municipal election campaign will begin in the county. So it's no wonder that the TSV oerlenbach theater group has also taken up the theme and chosen a suitable play for its three traditional holiday performances: "love and peace in the district administration office" by andreas wening. But in order to avoid any possibility of comparison with reality, the play's director andreas schmitt (57) has unceremoniously moved the plot of the comedic three-act play to oerlenbach and seriously assures us: "all similarities were really purely coincidental." if you want to see for yourself, you can still get tickets for the theater evenings in the oerlenbacher parish hall on 26. December, 28. December and 29. December (in each case 19:30 o'clock) still tickets at the box office (price 7.00 euro).

Unholy chaos

The 40-square-meter stage of the parish hall – furnished with appropriate decorative pieces from the theater group's collection, but also with loans from oerlenbach residents – has become the district administrator's anteroom, in which chaos is slowly but surely brewing. Although the re-election of the conservative district administrator bernhard oppenau (played by holger sempert), who is respected as a moral authority, is popular with his voters and has been in office for many years, seems to be absolutely certain and only a matter of form, the preparations for the actually superfluous election campaign are started very quietly. But then tamara bloomberg (yvonne kleinhenz), the mother of all hippies, who has been living in the u.S. For years, appears unexpectedly.

Acta agreement brings net community to barricades

acta agreement brings net community to barricades

But now the opponents are mobilizing for demonstrations on saturday. They see ACTA as a threat to internet freedom. Supporters say ACTA is important to curb copyright infringements.

This is how section 5 of the treaty deals with the "enforcement of intellectual property rights in the digital environment". Each signatory state must ensure effective law enforcement and deterrence in its own jurisdiction. Internet providers should print out data such as IP addresses, which can be used to identify people in the event of death. Copyright holders can then assert their claims legally. Measures are also to be taken against the circumvention of copy protection techniques.