The trummer of a life: what will become of the plot of land of the shot countess of luxburg??

The trummer of a life: what will become of the plot of land of the shot countess of luxburg??

The town sign betrayed: three kilometers to gundlitz. The last view out of the car to the left, before the ziegenburg district of marktschorgast ends, is of a pile of trummers. Boards and beams, stacked one on top of the other, as if two giants had suddenly lost the desire to play ping-pong. It is the scene of a tragedy – and of a crime that has not been fully solved to this day. A murder and, it seems, a self-death.

Almost exactly seven years ago, on 16. June 2012, the life of hannelore grafin von luxburg, which was not exactly poor in scurrilities, came to an end. First killed by a headshot, then burned in his own house. The possible culprit is her 35-year-old roommate andreas S. Traded.

The fact that it was his body that lay charred beyond recognition in a mercedes station wagon only a few hundred meters away in the same night was only clarified beyond doubt a few days later. But not whether he had previously shot the countess with the pistol that was found next to him in the car.

This is also confirmed by alexander czech, press spokesman of the police prasidium upper franconia. "This could, at least as far as I know, never be definitively clarified." he gave no information on whether there had ever been investigations against other suspects. The case was closed in this respect; there were never any criminal proceedings because the suspected murderer andreas S. She herself is no longer alive.

Material for a crime novel

All of this would provide enough material for a detective story: a dead noblewoman with a turbulent history (see below), a second corpse – and no motive? Or else? The grave digger had to die after a quarrel about money with the much younger man, who then took his own life? Or does an unknown third party come into play?? The talk is of a partner whom the grafin is said to have married shortly before her death. Or was it an act of revenge from the gunrunning scene, as is rumored?

In an apartment in wunsiedel, the investigators with andreas S. Weapons were allegedly seized. He is said to have had questionable dealings in the milieu and to have behaved suspiciously shortly before the events. In ziegenburg, for example, he was seen several times driving into a nearby forest path at night with his headlights off. Dirty business under cover of darkness?

The deciduous and coniferous trees that now line the orphaned plot sway in the wind, but they are silent. Above the treetops is peace. The approximately 1200 square meters of land have lain fallow since the demolition of the foundation walls. Nothing but the remains of the charred roof trusses reminds us of the once female plastered house; the stone wall has been removed, all the belongings of the former inhabitants have been stored away or disposed of.

Schooner building site

This would be a beautiful building site in an exposed location, fully developed and even equipped with fiber optic connection. Will no one have him? Neighbors report that "every now and then a stranger gets lost here in his car, stops briefly, takes a look at the countryside and then drives on. Even monks of a buddhist monastery had considered building a guesthouse there.

Mayor hans tischhofer (freie wahler) can't quite figure out the owner's procedure himself. "The property is leased to a real estate company from bayreuth. The owner was asked to rub down the ruins of the house. After that it was said that the land would be sold. I was in good spirits that it would go ahead."

Nothing has happened since then. "There was at least one interested party who took it right away – but he was finally told that the property was not for sale at the moment. It is probably also not officially on the market. I am not aware of anything more" the burgermeister confesses. And added: the land has never been offered for sale to the community.

But who then? Here, too, the smells in the place sometimes push into the weeds. The daughter of the burgermeister himself had expressed interest, but then got cold feet, it is rumored. "I can clearly deny it", says tischhofer. "She has already built elsewhere in ziegenburg last year." the still unplastered shell is only a diadem throw away from the former countesses house.

As susi cartun she conquered the vaudeville stages of the republic

Bright red lips, highly toupeed hair and wigs, a glittering dress with a decollete and a stole around her neck: even at over 70, hannelore grafin von luxburg liked to be extravagant. Its prehistory is as dazzling as its presentation. For more than a quarter of a century, the countess of luxburg has been a singer and entertainer, working in discos, bars and nightclubs. She was regularly on tour and graced the vaudeville and cabaret stages of the republic.

One like her did not really fit in ziegenburg. Nevertheless, she spent almost 30 years in the district of marktschorgast, living in the last house on the hill. It was known among other things for its commitment to animal welfare. She had a soft spot for dogs, more precisely for pugs.

High society – that used to be the circle in which the countess moved. It was the time when she was known by her artist name "susi cartun" KNOWN. The show star told of encounters with TV icon peter frankenfeld and "devil's violinist helmut zacharias. In private life, too, hannelore liked to surround herself with high-ranking personalities, was allegedly involved with the bulgarian king's son and engaged to a son of the bahrain royal house. She eventually married a german nobleman: eberhard horst, count of luxburg, whom she met in hamburg. The full name of the family is counts of luxburg, carolath-beuthen princes and princes of schonaich-carolath. If the name eberhard von luxburg means anything to you: among other things, he appeared as a performer on the trebgas nature stage.

The countess outlived her husband by many years.

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