Tsc Barnfels wins against sv Kirchenbirkig


The "infranken-kick from the A-class 4 brought for host barnfels the realization to be able to win against kirchenbirkig after all. With a 2:1 win against regenthaler, the baren broke the black series of eleven winless games and distanced themselves somewhat from the SV, which is criticized as a fearful opponent. Nevertheless, the top quartet remains close together. While chaser michelfeld held its own with a 3:1 win over auerbach II and has the best prospects with two games less, thuisbrunn also remains in touch despite the further loss of a game and could catch up with the baren with a positive result in the catch-up games.

Not a good level
That the match between barnfels and kirchenbirkig was not going to be a footballing treat was already clear before kick-off: the rain of the last few days had made the ground soapy and slippery, and planned ball games were hardly possible. Nevertheless, both teams tried their best under the conditions. Already after three minutes tobias hafner missed a verlangerung only scarcely with the head, shortly thereafter pulled off spielertrainer unterbuchberger, his shot flew however scarcely at the box past (8.).

The initial phase clearly belonged to barenfels, martin muller from distance (10.) and tobias hafner with a free kick (16.) had other opportunities. Then the game flattened a little, the TSC slowed down a bit the initial pace. 15 minutes later, however, excitement was again announced on the sidelines: unterbuchberger netted by header for the supposed 1:0 (31.) – because of an alleged offside position the referee did not recognize the goal. From the point of view of the guests a correct decision, barenfels saw it naturally differently.

A lead of the TSC at this point would have been deserved, but what followed was a goal of the kirchenbirkiger – also this drew some discussions after itself. After a foul on rudroff in the penalty area – also here the respective views of the teams were apart – the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Gruner did not miss this chance – 0:1 (37.). Kirchenbirkig would have liked to go into the break with this score, but markus muller had something against it. Practically with the break whistle he met after schoner presentation of markus forster per head to equalize.

After the change of sides, kirchenbirkig also played better, and an even exchange of blows developed – which, however, became increasingly fierce as the game progressed. The nodding was piling up, but the referee failed to get the teams back on track with some cautions. The game threatened to slip away at times. In addition, of course, fubball was also played in the second half. Gruner headed from close range at the TSC keeper (56).) – and practically in turn fell the 2:1 for barenfels.

An indirect free kick from 20 meters in a central position was tapped in by a tscler, tobias hafner took out the stick and scored flat for the 2:1 lead (57).). Christian hafner (58.) and unterbuchberger could even have provided a two-goal lead, but their shots both sailed past the goal. The guests from kirchenbirkig tried to turn the tide once again, but there were hardly any more chances to score. And if, then was keeper braungart on the spot, such as the attempt by sven brutting (73.). In the final phase, kirchenbirkig did not manage to create any dangerous situations – only a few yellow cards were given to SV.

The opinion of the coaches
Kirchenbirkig's coach thomas riess was visibly upset after the game. The 41-year-old expressed his opinion that the hosts were harsh with a clear signal to the referee: "we lost the game with an unjustified free kick to make it 2:1. Every move was interrupted by foul plays of the barnfelser. The referee had to be more forceful in this case." but also the own team was not spared from the bad mood: "below the line, we have fought back too little, especially after the break, and have shown too little passion. In the second half we had almost no scoring chances."

A completely different perception had naturally engelbert unterbuchberger, player-coach of the barnfelser, after the victory against the fear opponent: "it was a typical zerfahrenes fight game. Due to the conditions on the pitch, a technically good game was not possible. It was clear that today will not be a treat."

The 33-year-old, who was also unlucky to score an offside goal, praised his team for its strong performance: "on behalf of my team, which put in a great performance, I would like to mention two young players, alex forster and matthias lang, who contributed enormously to the team. Our strong defense and our pinpricks in front were the guarantors of victory." in his prognosis for the near future, unterbuchberger has already become bolder: "if we can hold our own against gluckauf auerbach next week, i think second place is a realistic goal."


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