Help from the fc eltingshausen on the very first day

Help from the fc eltingshausen on the very first day

"We were able to help on the very first day of the corona aid campaign", alexander schott of the FC eltingshausen is pleased. Together with ela bambach, he is the contact person for people in the village who need help with shopping or other errands because of the corona crisis.

"Together with vanessa parente, i came up with the idea of founding a corona help center in eltingshausen", tells bambach. The 29-year-old is responsible for finances on the frankonia board and wanted to "create official structures so that everyone feels they can seek help. The corona helpers from the big cities were a model for him.

"13 helpers were found immediately, bambach is pleased. The core of the helpers are members of the FC eltingshausen; but even non-club members had offered their help.

In the other parts of the municipality of oerlenbach, corona help centers have also been set up. "In ebenhausen, the TSV helps, in oerlenbach a youth group and in rottershausen the fire department offers a corona help.", says alexander schott. For him, it was important to "combine forces and print the addresses of the helpers together on a poster".

Together with sebastian dees from TSV ebenhausen, the idea was born to put an additional flyer in pharmacy bags. A supermarket in oerlenbach thanked the helpers with a "thank-you package". "Actually, we are glad that we were allowed to put up the posters there. All the more reason for the supermarket to say thank you anyway", according to schott.

"It’s great that the whole community is pulling together," says bambach, the 33-year-old is pleased. Unfortunately, there was too much bad news. The teacher, who is currently able to work flexibly, thinks: "people should be aware of how much willingness to help and solidarity is being created right now."

Co-initiator ela bambach is "pleased that we have already been able to help someone". The auand was already worth it. "A person looking for help called alex and linda greiner from the eltingshausen dance group immediately agreed to go shopping with him," he says happily, says bambach.

On the phone, the caller only has to say when he needs which errands.

The person seeking help places a shopping or errand list with money in a bag in front of the door. "Linda and I have split up. The caller made it extra easy for us by cutting out the stamps from the old packaging and giving them to us", says alexander schott.

Completely contactless shopping

For him and greiner it was not an accident. "We were happy to be able to help and when we brought the man his purchases, he was also very happy," says alexander schott, says schott. The whole thing works absolutely contactless.

The volunteers of FC eltingshausen help not only people who belong to the risk group, but also those who work in system-relevant professions. "Friends of mine have returned from austria and are now in quarantine. We are also happy to help in such cases", says ela bambach. "It is still quiet and few people are dependent on help. But that could change at any time, and then we are there for everyone", says alexander schott. "We have a social responsibility as FC eltingshausen and therefore it is natural for us to offer help in difficult times".

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