Coburger Mohr remains the top guard

Since 1995, the coburger mohr dance troupe has annually defended its title as upper franconian champion in the discipline of marching dance in all three age categories. According to a press release, the mohr-garden remain the number one in upper franconia this year as well.

Lively and with a lot of power, the youth guard was able to further increase its performance and defended its title as upper franconian champion for the 30th time last saturday with a 14-point lead. For the first time.

Hammelburg vintners expect good harvest

The hard-working harvest workers have their hands full at the moment. Seven men and women with nimble fingers are at work in the former prince-bishop vineyards. They cut the grapes of the ripe varieties from the grapevine. "This year the solaris grapes have a must weight of 95 degrees oechsle, the ortega grapes 78", thomas has been investigating for a long time.

The winemaker at the schloss saaleck winery has pressed the two grape varieties together, and the juice is now being fermented in the wine cellar. To start the alcoholic fermentation as quickly as possible, thomas will add pure yeast to the fresh grape must for a long time and then warm it up.