What the planners in the geomaris take in

What the planners in the geomaris take in

As a result of the costs for the renovation and modernization of the geomaris, which have already risen from 7.99 million to 8.81 million, the city council has criticized the planning office bauconzept from lichtenstein in saxony in particular. In this context, thomas zink of the free choice party brought up heavy weapons in the youngest city council meeting.

His accusation: the planning office, which in his eyes is largely responsible for the surcharges and receives the lesser share of the 1.2 million euros in planning costs, gets off scot-free, while the city and taxpayers have to pay "for the serious planning errors".

Bauconzept has "in no way provided services that justify the fee to which it is entitled". Zinc literally: "the company gets a lot of money here for the botch-up it delivers. Any small, reputable company that makes such mistakes is liable for it. This is out of character and ourios."

It should be noted that the services provided by the company bauconzept are also billed according to the so-called fee schedule for architects and engineers, or HOAI for short.

In total, six planning offices are involved in the planning of the refurbishment and modernization of the gerolzhof baths, as well as an institute for soil expertise and one for building physics. They all share the planning costs, which are estimated at 1.2 million euros, and it is no secret that the planners from saxony account for the lion’s share of this sum.

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