Isek results were presented

On wednesday evening, the results of the integrated urban development concept (ISEK) were presented to the population in the rodachtalhalle. The presentation is now intended to be an important guide to action in terms of the development of the market roof and possible requirements. It was developed since july 2016. ISEK should serve as a guideline for the future, says mayor norbert grabner. It should show: "where we are and where we want to go?"

Vacancy to be eliminated

A burger workshop was founded two years ago. Ideas and suggestions were collected from those involved, grabner recalled. It became clear at the meeting and the presentations of markus schafer from the office "transform" and from the mayor, that the redesign and rejuvenation of the town centers in unter- and oberrodach as well as the expansion of the commercial area is an important concern. Vacancies are also to be eliminated and fallow land utilized.
In addition, buildings that are prominent in the local landscape are to be renovated and put to a new use. This, according to schafer, will create apartments that are needed in the community. As far as the medical center, which has been under consideration for years, is concerned, schafer believes that various locations are possible. Naturally, the design of the schallergarten and flobermuseum was also a topic of discussion. A feasibility study was carried out here. In addition, it was decided that the municipality would remain the sponsor of the museum and would be supported by the floberverein.
Because the museum needs space, schafer explained, the use of the barn in the schallersgarten will be examined and the concept for the museum will be revised. Various scenarios were worked out for the schallersgarten.
For example, the barn could be preserved or the barn could be rebuilt with an access to the water and multiple usable rooms as well as a terrace above the canopy. The costs are between 1.1 and 1.3 million euros, depending on the variant. The government of upper franconia must be informed of how the project will proceed.
According to schafer, it is important to set up a municipal demand program and free initial remediation consulting by experts.
A feasibility study is also to be carried out for the redesign of the "borstla" be created. The tendering process is currently underway, explained schafer. The uncovering of the brook in the area of the parking lot and the construction of a water playground will be discussed.

The concept of "living differently" was also presented. In this framework, the municipality and the stakeholders want to address, among other things, the modernization of vacation homes.
Gisela schinzel-lang brought up the idea of an atrium for the schallergarten again. Walter wich-herrlein suggested that the proposed access to the water should be placed further into the green area. Klaus stegner thought it would make sense to commission a landscape planner to redesign the area as a living space.
Gerhard wich-heiter mentioned the bottleneck in the friedhofstrabe, furthermore the planned fubweg should be further developed. The existing fubweg between sparkasse and angerwehr needed to be improved, he said.
According to grabner, the concept will be reviewed by the government and approved by the municipal council. Some important measures have already been initiated. Vs

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